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Friday, May 29, 2015


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Despite repeated efforts by the British between 1936 and 1948, then in t948-49 by the UN, and later by American mediators in the 1990s into the 2000 decade --- and for that matter, by the Jewish and later Israeli leadership from 1936 through 2008 --- the leaders of the  Palestinian and Arab High Authority (later changed in 1945 to the Arab League) have all refused to compromise on a two-state solution that is acceptable to the Israelis, despite repeated offers by the Israelis right down to 2008.  Which offers were regarded as fair and unbiased by foreign mediators: first the British from 1937 to 1948, then the UN in 1947 and 1948, and we Americans in 2000.

Why these constant rejections, even with outside well-know mediators? 

Simply said, the Palestinian leadership has been rejectionist from the start.  According to Bennie Morris (see his interview below in the L.A. Times) --- Morris the premier revisionist historian in Israel who tried to look at the 1948 war both from Israeli and Arab viewpoints  --- President Abbas himself has turned out to be no different from Yasser Arafat or the former Nazi-friendly Mufti of Jerusalem and head of the Palestinians and the Arab League, Haj Amin al-Husseini.  All three of these leaders of the Palestinians over the last 78 years --- back to the British-led Peel Commission --- share the intransigent belief that ALL of current Israel and the non-Israeli territories belong to the Arabs and will eventually re-emerge one day as a strictly unified Arab-run state.

Query: how is this radically sweeping change supposed to occur? 

Well, for Husseini and Arafat, the eventual remake of Arab rule within Israel will apparently be due to war, including Jewish war-weariness and fears of unending attacks --- with, as a result, all the Jews will either be killed or forced out of Israeli territory except for a token handful left to live in the Arab-dominated Israeli state.  Or, most likely for Abbas's hopes nowadays, the downfall of Israel will occur when the Jewish residents find themselves radically overwhelmed in number by both Arab-refugee returns and extremely high birth-rates within the Arab population. 

The turn-around into an Arab-led state, to clarify, will supposedly happen once the Arabs vote into power an Arab government and, sooner or later then, Arab control over the fading Israeli army.  Would the Jews then start a civil war with the Arab majority? Hard to know what Abbas or other would-be Palestinian leaders expect on this score.  If many of them believe a civil war would erupt, wouldn't the Arabs in the surrounding Middle East Levant and in Egypt --- 30 to 40 times more numerous then the Jews --- defeat and maybe kill off most of them and expel the others.  

Someday anyway.  And maybe, so Abbas might believe (along with others), in just 10 or 15 years. 

All that, of course, is pure speculation. 

But consider this scenario: suppose, as all Palestinian leaders have stressed up to now  --- namely, that no peace treaty with Israel would be accepted by them unless it met four unyielding demands.  Suppose too that the Israelis --- under enormous pressure from Europe and possibly threats of a nuclear war out of Iran (or by its proxies in Hezbollah and Hamas) --- decided  to risk conceding on these demands, hopeful that it the result would be peace, recognition by all the Arab countries, and a solid two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. What have these demands been in the past?

  •  Full and exclusive Arab control of East Jerusalem.
  •  Withdrawal of Israeli-held Palestinian areas on the West Bank back to the 1967 borders --- a retreat that would leave Israel with a very narrow corridor of protection from Syrian and Hezbollah attacks in the north.
  • Dismantling of all Jewish settlements in the West Bank, even those directly contiguous to Jerusalem. 
  • Unimpeded ability of all Arab refugees, or their descendents, who fled from their home areas in the 1948 war that the Arabs created, during which 6 Arab states invaded the new Israeli state in an effort to destroy

What then?

Enter Demographics 

  •  In 1949-1950, there were only about 550,000 Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza, with another 159,100 Arabs in Israel --- a total Palestinian Arab population of about 715,000. 
  • Since then, in 2014, the Arab population in Israel had grown to nearly 2,000,000 (around 93% Muslim or about 20% of the total Israeli population) . . . a real increase due to birth-rates only of 13-fold.  Meanwhile, in 2014, the  population of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and in Gaza add up to about 4.4 million in that year --- a total increase of Arabs since the British-Mandate over Palestine ended in 1948 by another 13 fold.  All due overwhelmingly to high birth-rates.
  • For that matter, the total Arab population in 22 countries was about 70 million in 1950.  Today, it is almost 450 million --- an increase of about 6.5-fold in 65 years. And again, totally due to a very high birth-rate. (The birth rate between 1945 and 1975 was 2.5 per woman.  From 1975 to just recently, the Arab birth rate increased to 2.7 per woman.)

     Source:    http://www.pewforum.org/2011/01/27/future-of-the-global-muslim-population-main-factors/

 By contrast,

  •  Israel's Jewish population in 1949-50 was just a tick above 1 million people.   
  • Since then, in 2014, the Israeli Jewish population had grown to 6.1 million--- about a 6-fold increase. 
  • Note carefully though.  Most of that growth came from Jews living in Arab countries and Iran who, after the Israeli war with Palestinian fighters and 6 Arab invading countries in 1948, had to run for their lives to avoid being massacred by eruptive Arab attacks everywhere.   Then, starting in the 1980s and into the next two decades, about another 1 million Jews fled from the former Soviet Union to Israel. 
  • In short, most of the Jewish population growth has been due to immigration.  The worldwide population of Jews is about 15 million today, with about 6.1 million in Israel and about 6 million in the USA (about 2.0% of the total American population.). Another 1.2 million Jews live in all of Europe (including Russia) --- about 1/7th of 1.0% of the total 750 million European population.  The rest of the Jews live mainly in Argentina and the overseas English-speaking countries (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa).     


From 1936 down to the end of the 20th century and Arafat's death --- first the Mufti of Jerusalem (a good friend of Hitler's in WWII, who lived in Nazi Germany and was wanted for war crimes by Britain and Yugoslavia) and Arafat himself (dead in 2004) --- all supported destructive mass-murdering totalitarian states as allies: Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union in the Cold War, and Saddam Hussein's Iraq in 1991.  The latter led the Gulf States to exile hundreds of thousands of Palestinian workers. They have never been able to return.

Apparently, when it comes to foreign policy, Palestinian leadership for the several decades was as disastrous as has their unwillingness to ever compromise with the Jewish and Israeli leaders on a two-state solution. 

 3). Palestinian Leaders Today in the West Bank Only 

President Abbas has been different in foreign policy, fortunately, but he himself rejected the best offer the Palestinians ever had from the Israelis for a two-state solution in 2008.  Is then Bennie Morris right? 

A noticeably high-quality researcher --- who was once the premier scholar leading the revisionist work of several other scholars (and journalists) that sought to reinterpret the 1948 war within Palestine, but who has recently found that no matter what justice you do to both sides in that war --- Morris now finds that the hatred of Jews run so deep and wide in the Arab  world that Abbas is no different from Arafat: he'll never accept a compromise with Israel that falls short of a collapse of Israel as a democratic Jewish state (with, remember, about 1.6 million of the 7 million Israeli population overwhelmingly Muslim.)

Here is a selection from the highly informative interview between Morris and an Los Angeles Times' reporter.  It's worth quoting:  Source: http://articles.latimes.com/2012/nov/09/world/la-fg-israel-historian-qa-20121109          

Interviewer Writes 

"Morris' research on the 1948 war for independence challenged long-standing Zionist narratives that said Israel was not responsible for the creation of 750,000 Palestinian refugees. He infuriated right-wing Israelis by documenting secret plans to expel Arabs and accounts of massacres and rapes by Jewish forces. Then a few years ago, he turned his critical eye toward Palestinians, holding them largely responsible for stalled peace talks.

"Morris shocked many leftist fans with his harsh — some said racist — comments about what he called Palestinians' cultural deficiencies and lack of respect for the rule of law. The biggest problem with Israel's expulsions of Arabs in 1948, he said, was that it didn't go all the way. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Morris, 63, insists he has no regrets."

You've scoffed at the fuss made about your supposed "right-wing conversion," but haven't you changed your views?

My historical views haven't changed at all, and my historical writing remains the same, for good or ill. In fact, my second book on the Palestinian refugee problem, which came out in 2004, has got material that is unpleasant for Israelis to read. But my political views have changed. In the 1990s I was cautiously optimistic that the Palestinians were changing their tune and becoming agreeable to a two-state solution. [The late Palestinian leader Yasser] Arafat seemed to signal this with the Oslo process. Before the 1980s, they just talked about destroying Israel.

 So what changed your mind?

By 2000, two things changed to make me deeply pessimistic. Arafat rejected the two-state proposal put on the table by [former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud] Barak and [former U.S. President] Clinton, and then the launching of the second intifada. The other thing was, I was looking at the whole conflict for a book I was writing at the time and I saw the monotony and consistency of the Palestinian stance, and their unflinching desire for all of [historic] Palestine [including Israel].

The intransigence of Palestinians made you right-wing?

I don't see myself as right-wing. I believe in a two-state solution.



Hamas's Charter is filled with Jew-hatred at several points, and in some ways not just Nazi-like, but drawing on Mohammed's Hadiths that all Jews should be killed wherever they are found. Note that Hezbollah's leader publicly said --- though it was denied later --- that Israel, by bringing millions of Jews to their state, would make it easier to kill off all the Jews worldwide. (Gaza's blockade by Israeli is intended to prevent weaponry, especially advanced rockets and missiles, to enter that Hamas-run region.  The Egyptian governments, before and after the brief Muslim Brotherhood rule in Egypt for 18 months (2012 summer to 2013 December), have regarded that group as terrorist jihadis and have the same sort of blockade on land and by sea.)  .

See the Addendum at the end of this post for the relevant parts of the Hamas Charter for its Nazi-like Jew-hatred 

Surprising "secret" negotiations are rumored to be going on between Israel and Hamas leaders in Gaza about improving relations, including the extension of Hamas into the Sinai Desert and the construction of a good sea-port in Gaza.  The Palestinian Authority headed by President Abbas has angrily attacked the Hamas talks. In another story out today (May 21, 2015), one reason for the negotiations is that both Hamas and Israel are concerned that ISIS may be trying to expand into Gaza on the sly.

 Source:  http://www.jpost.com/Arab-Israeli-Conflict/Abbas-Israel-and-Hamas-holding-secret-talks-403542

5). Future Change in Palestinian Aims Possible?

One day, perhaps, despite the total failure of Palestinian leaders ever to compromise about living next to a Jewish state --- which includes 1.7 million Arabs, the only ones who live in a democratic society of law --- the Palestinian people might be led by leaders who understand that they need to compromise and have the support of their national community.  Those new leaders, if they ever emerge, won't be Presidents-For-Life (Abbas hasn't had a new election since 2005, and Hamas leadership since early 2006) --- they will, we hope, be Presidents who understand the Middle East and its realities better than the Nazi-Mufti in 1930s into the 1950s, Arafat, and the two semi-autocratic leaders in Hamas and the West Bank today. 

For that matter, though every Arab country --- even tiny Tunisia now with what seems to have been a free election and the installment of a half-way decent democracy --- is currently consumed in warfare with jihadists internally or from abroad, or in wars between Sunnis and Shias, or in conflicts with the few Christian Arabs left in the Islamic world, some of these Arab countries might actually achieve some solid peace both internally and externally . . . with the jihadis all killed off or captured and with the Sunnis and the Shia halting their 1400 year-old hatreds and warfare.

                                When might changes of this sort occur?

No one really knows.  The Middle East --- along with North and parts of Tropical Africa, Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan --- is by far the most violent and unpredictable area of the world.  Hatreds galore abound there.  No need to repeat them.  But one other point needs to be underscored to make sense of the Islamic world.  All the Muslim masses and most of their leaders in the Middle East and North Africa and Asia Minor in North Africa share one vicious animosity: hatred of Israel and a powerful sense of humiliation because of the inability of 600 million Arabs, Turks, and Iranians to destroy it in several wars. 

And it gets worse. 

The Muslim masses and most of their leaders share something else.  Namely: according to numerous surveys of public opinion in the entire Islamic world (57 countries spread around the globe), they feel humiliated and have repeatedly shifted the blame for their ineptitude, economic backwardness, scientific and educational weakness, and military fragility onto global Judaism.  In particular, several ADL and Pewglobal Research surveys reveal that 90% of the 440 million Arab peoples hate the Jews and blame them for their own debilitated and massively misfunctional countries.  The remaining 1 billion Muslims tend to hate Jews world-wide slightly less in surveys. 

                                                  An exaggeration? 

Not really.  What some hard proof?

At the 10th annual Islamic Summit Conference in Malaysia on October 16, 2003 --- the leaders of all the Islamic countries in the world (57 in number) all present --- the Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad welcomed them all with a lengthy speech that brought all the leaders to their feet at the end, clapping loudly and shouting hurrah hurrah or something like that  Why?  In that speech, Mahathir insisted that all the humiliation, backwardness, and sense of futility in the Islamic world change could be placed onto the Jews, 15 million in number worldwide.  Yep!   15 million Jews rule the world, so he insisted,  using powerful proxy countries --- who could these be? guess! --- are responsible for the 1.3 billion Muslims' massive troubles.  Nowadays, it's 1.6 billion Muslims vs. 15 million Jews.

Source: http://archive.adl.org/anti_semitism/malaysian.html#.VVohAPlViko

 Against all the background just sketched out --- huge backwardness, blame-shifting galore, endless Jew-hatred, hatreds by the shipload within Islam itself ---  you'd likely be foolish to count on any major stabilizing changes in most of the Muslim world in the next decade or two.  Or perhaps more realistically, for decades and decades into the unknown future.

                          The Roots of Global Islam's  Troubles?

To stick to the Middle East Muslim-populations, it's their shared religious cultures, plus their markedly constricted loyalty to their tribal families and then, if need be, to larger Islamic-sect that they see themselves belonging to . . . and yes, in that order.  It all adds up to a closed case-hardened mind-set about their own countries, never mind other Muslim countries and beyond that, of course, toward the "non-believer" kafir world.  Meaning:

"The Koran says that the Kafir may be deceived, plotted against, hated, enslaved, mocked, tortured and worse. The word is usually translated as “unbeliever” but this translation is wrong. The word “unbeliever” is logically and emotionally neutral, whereas, Kafir is the most abusive, prejudiced and hateful word in any language.There are many religious names for Kafirs: polytheists, idolaters, People of the Book (Christians and Jews), Buddhists, atheists, agnostics, and pagans. Kafir covers them all, because no matter what the religious name is, they can all be treated the same. What Mohammed said and did to polytheists can be done to any other category of Kafir."

 Quoted Source:  http://www.politicalislam.com/sharia-law-for-non-muslims-chapter-5-the-kafir/

This blocked, dead-end mental life-style has been the case throughout most of Islam for a good 9 or 10 centuries now.  By then, the admirable intellectual life in Spain's "Golden Age" had crashed into oblivion during the early 11th and 12th centuries with two waves of Berber invasions out of North Africa, ending in effect Arab rule in southern Spain . . . those fanatical Berbers creating an ISIS-like lock on all Muslim life in that country as well as over most of North Africa.  The same kind of abrupt end was equally true of Baghdad's once equally glittering intellectual life.  It's impressive caliphate (a rival of Spain's impressive and vigorous caliphates)  began in the early 9th century . . . only to crash in 1258, courtesy of ruthless Mongol invasions that destroyed most of the city and ruled it for decades. And never to return. 

Has Modernity Helped To Change This Narrow Exclusionary Mind-Set, Widely Shared in Islam? 

The answer: hardly at all.  True, for a while after WWII, there was hope in certain segments of Arab countries --- as well as in Iran and Turkey --- that solid Western-like democracy and free media would emerge in their countries, leading soon to a major breakthrough in intellectual and educational life that would bring their Muslim populations into the modern world and openness toward it.  Needless to add, that hope has proved delusionary. Just as the so-called "Arab Spring" of 2011-2012 engendered hope that it would  lead to peaceful democracy . . . only to turn into a nightmarish outcome everywhere in Islam, causing rampant waves of new destructive religious and political hatreds, full of unhinged war-like conflicts . . . and little else.

In short, the hopes for democracy and free intellectual and media in Islam have proved to be totally delusionary.   

In place of liberal democracy, what has emerged has been one dictatorial regime after another all over the Middle East (and in West Asia: meaning Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan), with huge gaps between the rich (all corrupt) and most of the rest of the Muslim populations.  Not to forget a continuation in these dictatorships of terrible education, science, and economic development, plus the continued subjugation of women and gays and minorities.  There are no liberal democracies in the Arab world or in Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.  Even tiny Tunisia, with about 11 million, is not much of an exception now, what with the spread of jihadi-like movements crawling into the country. In turn, all these magnified hatreds and vicious armed-conflicts have been aggravated by the regimes in power that have sought to manage their populations with a total lack of independent justice-systems and the rife use of a pervasive secret police.  

                                The Upshot of All This?

The answer: you should grasp it easily now . . . at any rate, if you've read this far in this 5th post in the current series, let alone if you've read the previous 4 posts.  In clear, down-to-earth terms, there are two age-old rooted causes of non-stop Islamic backwardness for several centuries now. 

Root One: The most important of these two archaic causal force we've already mentioned just a few seconds ago: Bluntly put, it's the stubbornly pervasive mind-set that runs through most of Islam since early and middle Medieval centuries. 

Thanks to this narrow outmoded world-view, almost all Arabs, Iranians, Turks, Pakistani, and Afghan Muslims --- as an MIT scholar put it recently ---  are "stuck in one collective skin; everything is us-versus-them and, therefore, empathy for the other is impossible.” 'And what is the opposite of an open will?' “You are enslaved to old intentions that originate in the past and not from the present, and so you cannot open up to any emerging new opportunities.” 

(Source of the quoted sentences: Otto Scharmer (an MIT economist who studies group communities around the world) . . .  as quoted in the NYTimes by the op-ed specialist Thomas Friedman --- himself formally an NYT correspondent in the Middle East for several years.  Click here: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/27/opinion/thomas-friedman-contain-and-amplify.html?ref=opinion&_r=1   )  

Root Two: In effect, it is directly entailed by that flawed well-worn mind-set rife in most of Islam everywhere.  Namely?  the inability to come to terms with soaring Muslim-faults for impaired Muslim backwardness in the last few centuries. 

Instead of facing up to their own self-defeating defects and failings, most Muslims --- including the leaders of all the 57 Muslim countries (50 of them Muslim majority-led) --- are immovably certain that their blatant backwardness is all the fault of "Others."  No surprise. Their constricted mentality requires such excuse-making.  To accept that they themselves have caused their centuries' old calamities would be disastrous . . . equivalent, in effect, to questioning Islam itself  as the only guide to how Muslims should believe and live.  (Islam, recall here, is not just a set of religious beliefs.  It's a system of required guides that is  supposed to permeate everything in life: the legal system, the political system, the educational system, the economic system, family life and the roles of men and women, sexual life, the treatment of non-belivers (Kafirs), the need for jihadi, and so on.

The result is deep-rooted blame-shifting of all Muslims' calamitous backwardness and massive misfortunes onto the Kafir-world.  Yes, the Kafirs--- the wicked non-believers who refuse to convert to Islam and accept as unquestionable Mohammed's revelations and truths that are found in the Koran and his Hadiths --- are responsible  one way or another for all of Islam's massive troubles, in the past several centuries and today.  More specifically, . . .

 Which Demonic Non-Believers Have Caused All These Muslim Disasters? 

Ha! you know by now. 

Just as Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad insisted in his long speech at the 10th Annual Islamic Conference in 2003 --- his speech, remember, received with loud clapping and raucous "hurrahs" by the leaders of the 57 country-members of the Conference --- the demonic agents that are responsible for keeping Islam 1.6 billion in humiliating backwardness are the  most powerful Western countries, meaning mainly the USA, Britain, France, and Germany (plus Russia at times).  Yes, they are the agents responsible for keeping Muslims everywhere locked and stranded in their downtrodden backwardness. 

But understand quickly.  They are just the "agents" causing Islamic calamities.  The commanders in chief are Jews.  Without a doubt, according to Malaysia's Prime Minister Mahathir, the Jews "rule the world", but they do so --- since they are only 15 million in number --- by massive manipulating and using the powerful Western countries as their duped proxies, militarily and economically.  Yep, ladies and gentlemen.  The Jewish World Conspiracy --- first set out by a Russian Jew-hater in 1903 in a book called The Protocols of the Elders of Zion (which claims to reveal the Jewish plot to dominate and rule the entire world) --- is fully alive and at work in Islamic worldviews worldwide.  The powerful Western agents are half-demons, to put this differently.  The full boss-demons in charge of the world are 15 million in number vs. 1.6 billion Muslims. 

And, of course, all these resentments and hatreds are now sizzling among Muslims around the globe --- showing up almost everywhere in Islam.  Understand quickly.  The self-caused disasters of Islamic countries worldwide vary, of course, from being catastrophic to just endless small terrorist wars. 

So are Kafirs, the horrid non-believers, the only targets of their violent rage? 

Nope.  The Muslim populations in 57 countries --- aren't just at war with the "Kafirs", let alone with the all-powerful 15 million Satanic Jews (vs. 1.6 billion Muslims).  These ferocious resentments and bursting hatreds happen to be the source of all the brutal Muslim wars with their neighbors, with other tribal-groups, with other Muslim-sects, with the few Westernizing rulers, and increasingly for or against the growing jihadi death-cult crazies operating in their own countries. 

                         The Outcome of All This? 

East enough now to pin it down. 

Bluntly put, the various hatreds at work in Muslim societies --- both domestically and across borders with-other Muslims -- have been soaring rapidly since the early 1980s to brutal, brain-jarring Dark-Medieval levels .... all aggravated by a religious-based mentality crammed with paranoid suspicions and hardened animosity toward other tribal-groups and other Islamic sects that differ from "theirs."   Naturally, these calamitous worldviews and rife blood-spilling among Muslims aren't their fault.  The more dreadful the terrorism and armed conflicts with Muslim countries and across them erupt, the more clearly, beyond all question, it's fault of powerful Kafir Western countries.

To put it bluntly again, blame-shifting is Islam's comfort balm. 

Otherwise, for 1.6 billion Muslims to look deeply into their own soul-searing introspection would lead to the greatest catastrophe of all.  Specifically, it would raise doubts to bursting levels about the Koran and the Hadiths as the true-believers' perfect guide to a proper and honorable life-style: in marriage, in male-female interaction, in sex, in relations with other tribal groups and other Muslim sects --- not to forget the proper Muslim guides to the right sorts of political, economic, and legal systems.  Not forget that Islam is the real religion of peace.

 What?  You say it's all poppycock?  1.6 billion people can't all be such foolishly deluded?  Oh really! Well, consider . . .

More Proof about the Dark-Age Belief Sets Now At Work in  Islamic Majorities?

 Buggy Here: Consider this question: is Islam more open and adapted better to the modern world than, say in the Middle East in the Dark Middle Age, consider this survey data polled that region in December 2010?  (And remember, it's worse today than 4.5 years ago.)


  • Poll of Middle Eastern Muslims, Dec 2010
    • 86 percent of Jordanians support death for anyone who leaves Islam.
    • 84 percent of Egyptians support death for anyone who leaves Islam.
    • 76 percent of Pakistanis support death for anyone who leaves Islam.
    • 82 percent of Egyptians support stoning for adultery.
    • 82 percent of Pakistanis support stoning for adultery.
    • 70 percent of Jordanians support stoning for adultery.
    • 49 percent of Nigerian Muslims approve of Al Qaeda.

            34 percent of Jordanians approve of Al Qaeda.

 Source:   http://markhumphrys.com/islamic.world.html#moderate    


None of these Dark-Age self-destructive beliefs and hatreds still operational in today's Muslim mind-sets will easily change. 

Anyone who believes otherwise --- believes that Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, along with Egypt and other Muslim states, will be at peace in the next few decades, along with effective citizenship-building and civic societies with a free media --- might as well believe along with little Linnus in the Peanuts comic-strip that the "Great Pumpkin" will reveal himself each Halloween.  And, in turn, six months later, believe as well in the punctual arrival of the magnanimous all-wise Easter Beagle who, according to Linnus again, will rise up from the mists somewhere and provide an Easter Egg to each good child in the world, only at morning's first sun rays to disappear again into the mist.


  What the Western World Could and Should Do As Long As Islam Is On Fire

 Against this pessimistic background, Prof Bug can only sketch in 4 possibilities that may seem platitudinous. 

  1. The Western democracies need to rejuvenate NATO (if possible).  And,  more carefully, agree when and how armed intervention of various sorts into these Islamic domestic and cross-border, cross-religious conflicts might be desirable --- even if such intervention is largely a question of when to send advanced weaponry to the half-way good-guy dictators who are fighting jihadi terrorists.  (Note: we need to insure one way or another that a nuclear arms race doesn't break-out in the most dangerous and unsettled regions in the world. (See the comments on"Iran" below)
  2. The main threat to West is that the jihadis will continue their efforts to find effective chemical or biological weapons --- more likely the latter, chemical warfare difficult even for the jihadis to develop and deliver.  Here good shared intelligence, with spies on the ground, would be needed . . . followed, if decided by key Western leaders, by strikes of drones or cruise missiles or special forces on the ground. 
  3. For the same reason, Israel --- with its advanced weaponry and effective military --- may have to take a tough line against the jihadi Hamas - and-Hezbollah terrorists if they are arrogant enough and unwisely self-destructive to continue their jihadi callings to destroy Israel and as many Jews as they can in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Nasrallah and Jews

Within a month of Nasrallah's taking over as leader, Hezbollah (with the help of Iranian intelligence) bombed the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires, killing 29 and injuring over 200. The next attack perpetrated by Hezbollah—again with Iranian help—was the bombing of the Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, killing 86 and injuring over 200.

The widening arena of Hezbollah's attacks stemmed from Nasrallah's perception that Jews anywhere are legitimate targets. In fact, Nasarallah has said:

If they (Jews) all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide. (Daily Star, Oct. 23, 2002)

Shiite scholar Amal Saad-Ghorayeb analyzed the anti-Jewish roots of Hezbollah ideology in her book Hezbollah: Politics & Religion. In it, she quotes Hassan Nasrallah describing his antipathy toward Jews:

If we searched the entire world for a person more cowardly, despicable, weak and feeble in psyche, mind, ideology and religion, we would not find anyone like the Jew. Notice, I do not say the Israeli. (New Yorker, Oct. 14, 2002)

Nasrallah also incorporates anti-Semitic rhetoric in speeches. For example, he has characterized Jews as the "grandsons of apes and pigs" and "Allah's most cowardly and greedy creatures." (MEMRI: Al- Manar, Feb. 3, 2006)

Despite his anti-Semitic invective, there are few references to this in the mainstream media.



      And Iran?  It's the Western Democracies' 4th Major Problem    

Remember, Iran --- with 22 million people in 1960 and now about 80 million in number --- has been the main supplier and supporter of two major terrorist organizations, Shia Hezbollah and Sunni Hamas,  recognized as such by all the solid Western democracies.  That's an accurate condemnation.  This . . . despite what European and some left-wing American media forget to publicize in their reportage of Israeli conflicts with Iran and especially it's two proxies it continues to arm that are  on Israeli borders: Hamas and Hezbollah to repeat their names.    

Does that mean negotiations by Western (and other) countries to convince Iranian clerical and other leaders are wrong-headed? 

Not necessarily.  It all depends on what kind of agreement that Iran would accept with the West and vice-versa. 

  • From any Western negotiating viewpoint, a sound agreement would have to include wide ranging and markedly transparent access to UN inspectors of all their "peaceful" underground sites to develop nuclear warheads, even as they acquire ever more lethal missile deliveries from North Korea. 
  • Simultaneously, the numbers of expert-inspectors need to be increased, need to be well-trained, and above all need to be above taking bribes from Iranian go-betweens to ignore Iranian violations of any agreement. 
  • No less important, any Iranian infractions of their commitments would have to entail imposed and severe economic sanctions . . . something that not all EU countries would like to do, just the opposite. 
  • And finally, significant military sanctions would need to be imposed against any continued Iranian support for terrorist jihadi groups. 

All this seems reasonable to us, no?  But will it likely occur? 

 Maybe --- but who knows for sure?

 Under threat of military sanctions by Americans, West Europeans, and Russia, will Iran's leaders continue to support Hezbollah and Hamas militarily, including terrorist attacks?  At a time when Hezbollah is struggling at large costs in its bloody combats in Syria, it seems doubly unlikely. For that matter, which EU countries would actually resort to military sanctions in such circumstances (or ever)?  Would Russia apply such sanctions too?

Whether, additionally, Shia Iranian military missions in Northern Iraq (Sunni territory) to fight ISIS should continue . . . well, it would mainly depend on the side-effects, no?  Specifically, even if the Iranian forces do help contain and defeat ISIS over time, will those Shia interventions from abroad only embolden large numbers of Iraqi Shia-fighters to continue attacking and alienating Sunni Iraqis.  With what consequences it's easy to guess.   


Oh! Oh!  Just in on May 20th 2015:

The supreme clerical head of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has just declared that he will never let any UN inspectors on Iranian soil have access to Iranian nuclear physicists, nor allow the inspectors to enter any military sites in the country.  Tehran and his government would not accept, he said “unreasonable demands” in the ongoing negotiations with the world powers for “access” to its nuclear scientists. “We will not allow the privacy of our nuclear scientists or any other important issue to be violated,” he declared. He also refused to permit inspections of Iran’s military sites, following Western allegations that they were used for secret tests on a nuclear warheads."   

Is  that  really a surprise?  Does it change the minds of at least  fairly intelligent people in Europe and the US not to trust any agreement with Iran no matter what the agreement states in principle. Probably some, but no more than that.  They tend, after all,  to think it's all American or British or French faults, but above all the fault of Israel, that have caused Iran to be wary of the West . . . especially all the American, French, and British proxy dirty-work active in the Middle East on behalf of the Israelis and worldwide Jewry.

Like Hitler, the Supreme Ayatollah-leader is above all laws in the country. 

In the past, he (Kamenei), his predecessor (Ayatollah Khomeini), and his major clerical followers could easily count on overriding anything an "elected" President could do policywise that the clerics didn't like.  More recently, he has had to deal with an ever increasingly powerful group that heads the Revolutionary Guard military --- and especially its elite Quam forces (roughly 3000-5000 in number).  That group has become very rich, along with lots of other top-dog officers, all of them dealing in a variety of business transactions.  In the upshot, its leaders have not hesitated at times to ignore the Supreme Leader's efforts to get them out of the money-making past-times and concentrate on military matters. (Needless to add, the Supreme Leader and his close clerical chums have also gotten very rich.  But then that's what dictators and his cronies always do everywhere, no?)

 6)  Two additional reservations also arise from the latest Haaretz survey in Israel.  

 All during the period between 1937 and 2008, the majority of Israelis have favored a two-state solution --- but with some declining support the last two years: down from 68% in 2012 to 60% in early summer 2014.  Specifically, from Haaretz (a prominent mildly left-wing newspaper and severe critic of Prime Minister Netanyahu, the following survey data was set out in that July 7, 2014:

"The first is that the Israeli public is seemingly unfamiliar with the geopolitical situation. When the implications of partition and the specifics of an agreement were presented to the respondents – “The establishment of a Palestinian state within the 1967 boundaries with border modifications, most of the settlements to be annexed to Israel, Jerusalem to be divided and no return of refugees” – support for the two-state solution plummeted to 35 percent, with 58 percent replying in the negative. This time, the term “prime minister” was omitted as the individual who backs the agreement. The implication of this is that great responsibility falls on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as large segments of the public view his acceptance of an agreement involving partition as a precondition for their support.


"The second, equally important, reservation is that the same public that says it will support a partition agreement if it’s supported by the prime minister doesn’t actually believe the prime minister’s stated intention to arrive at any such agreement. Thus, 54 percent replied in the negative and only 37 percent in the affirmative to the question, “Do you believe Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he says he wants to promote a peace agreement with two states for two nations."   

                             TO PUT IT DIFFERENTLY . . .

Israel is a vigorous democratic country, the only one in the Middle East.  It has a free media, transparent elections, accountability to the legislature and through both the legislature and the media the government's policies at home and abroad are fairly quickly conveyed to the public.  In the same way, the legal court-system has been able to jail, twice now, former Prime Minister Olmert for corruption.  Similarly, the former non-elected President Moshe Katsav --- chosen by the Knesset legislature, and with limited powers --- was sentenced to prison in 2011 for sexual abuse with female members of his cabinet. 

And so? 

Whether, in the future, the recently reelected Prime Minister Netanyahu is still supported by a majority of Israelis or is seen increasingly as a failure in domestic or foreign policies --- the latter undertaken against a ruinous, rapidly devouring inferno in the surrounding Islamic countries --- will be decided in elections, not by coups or killings.  Simultaneously, any violations of election laws, suspected or real, will be scrutinized by a highly regarded justice-system.  In short, Israeli citizens --- whether Jewish or Arab --- have learned to live with legal political brokerage and necessary compromises.  As in the USA or West Europe, lots of the population may regret the outcomes, but at the same time they will not turn to terrorism or armed military-like civil war. 

Even the tensions between the Israeli Muslims and Jews have so far been settled in the same civic manner. 

.                                                    END OF SERIES   


                        ADENDDUM: Relevant Excerpts from the Hamas Charter 


Note first that there are claims pushed by Hamas (recognized by all of the solid liberal democracies worldwide as a terrorist organization) that the Charter was renounced in 2010 by  Khaled Meshaal, a Hamas leader as outmoded and needs to be understood that way.  Nonsense!  The same Khaled Meshaal, severely attacked by fellow Hamas terrorist leaders as sending the wrong signal to the jihadi crackpots, said in 2014 that the struggle for total control of all of Palestine is their aim.

He was joined later by the Prime Minister of Hamas, Ismail Haniyah, to reinstate their refusal to ever accept a Jewish Israeli state.  Specifically:

'Hamas leaders, including Ismail Haniyah and Khaled Meshaal have also stated repeatedly that "Palestine – from the [Jordan] River to the [Mediterranean] Sea, from its north to its south – is our land, our right, and our homeland. There will be no relinquishing or forsaking even an inch or small part of it,"] and that "we shall not relinquish the Islamic waqf on the land of Palestine, and Jerusalem shall not be divided into Western and Eastern Jerusalem. Jerusalem is a single united [city], and Palestine stretches from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River, and from Naqoura [Rosh Ha-Niqra] to Umm Al-Rashrash [Eilat] in the south.

Source:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamas_Covenant#cite_note-13 


 Here now are the most Jew-hating parts of the Charter, creatred in the late 1980s

 The following is excerpted from the Hamas Covenant:

Our struggle against the Jews is very great and very serious. It needs all sincere efforts. The Islamic Resistance Movement is but one squadron that should be supported...until the enemy is vanquished and Allah's victory is realized. It strives to raise the banner of Allah over every inch of Palestine...It is one of the links in the chain of the struggle against the Zionist invaders...

The Prophet, Allah bless him and grant him salvation, has said: "The Day of Judgement will not come about until Moslems fight the Jews (killing the Jews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Moslems, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.'"....There is no solution for the Palestine question except through Jihad. Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time and vain endeavors. Palestine is an Islamic land.

Zionist organizations under various names and shapes, such as Freemasons, Rotary Clubs, espionage groups and others...are all nothing more than cells of subversion and saboteurs. The Islamic peoples should perform their role in confronting the conspiracies of these saboteurs.

Moslem society confronts a vicious enemy which acts in a way similar to Nazism. He has deprived people of their homeland. In their Nazi treatment, the Jews made no exception for women or children.

Our enemies took control of the world media. They were behind the French Revolution and the Communist Revolution....They were behind World War I, when they were able to destroy the Islamic Caliphate, making financial gains and controlling resources. They obtained the Balfour Declaration, formed the League of Nations through which they could rule the world. They were behind World War II, through which they made huge financial gains by trading in armaments, and paved the way for the establishment of their state. It was they that instigated the replacement of the League of Nations with the United Nations and the Security Council to enable them to rule the world through them. There is no war going on any where, without [them] having their finger in it.

The Palestinian Liberation Organization adopted the idea of the secular state, which completely contradicts the idea of religious ideology. The day the PLO adopts Islam as its way of life, we will become its soldiers, and fuel for its fire that will burn the enemies. Until that day, the Islamic Resistance Movement's stand towards the PLO is that of the son towards his father, the brother towards his brother and the relative to relative, who suffers his pain and supports him in confronting the enemies, wishing him to be wise and well-guided....

The Zionist invasion is a vicious invasion. It does not refrain from resorting to all methods, using all evil and contemptible ways to achieve its end. It relies greatly on the secret organizations it gave rise to, such as the Freemasons, the Rotary and Lions Club, other sabotage groups. All these organizations work in the interest of Zionism... They aim at undermining societies, destroying values, corrupting consciences, deteriorating character and annihilating Islam. It is behind the drug trade and alcoholism in all its kinds so as to facilitate its control and expansion.

Writers, intellectuals, media people, orators, educators and teachers, and all the various sectors in the Arab and Islamic world – all of them are called upon to perform their role, and to fulfill their duty, because of the ferocity of the Zionist offensive and the Zionist influence in many countries exercised through financial and media control.

The Zionist plan is limitless. After Palestine, the Zionists aspire to expand from the Nile to the Euphrates. When they will have digested the region they overtook they will aspire to further expansion, and so on. Their plan is embodied in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and their present conduct is the best proof of what we are saying. Leaving the circle of struggle with Zionism is high treason, and cursed be he who does that.

               Source: http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Terrorism/Hamas_covenant.html