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Wednesday, May 6, 2015



    Be Sure To Read Part 1 In This Series Before You Read Part 2 Here 


                                       INTRODUCTORY COMMENTS

It's one thing to criticize Israeli policies, another --- very different --- to try to destroy the legitimacy of a UN created state some 67 years ago.  Which seems to be the aim of most of its severe critics --- not all critics, mind you --- worldwide.  As you'll see in a second or two. 

                                  CRUCIAL PROVISO AT THE START HERE:

Legitimate Criticism vs. Jew-Hatred

As you read this posted buggy commentary, be sure to keep a key point in mind: Israel is a solid democracy, where political parties of the right, center, and left dish out their political attacks under strict judicial monitoring by the Israeli Supreme Court . . . plus a shared need across almost the entire wide political spectrum to settle these policy-differences by non-violent compromises at the end of the day.  Exactly as in the USA if you want a comparison.

These days, as in the past, the parties and media on the left and left-center verbally attack the existing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with unending  vigor, and with no efforts by the government to censor them or their media outlets.  The same rebounding verbal attacks in the media or the Knesset (Parliament) occur on the political right when a Labour Party or other left-wing party coalitions are in power. 

For that matter, the same is true of Arab members of the Knesset elected by their party of preference:  United Arab List – Ta'al and Balad.  Israeli is a country of strong judicial law.  Twice, Israeli governments have tried since 2000 or so to ban this small party-group on the grounds they refuse to recognize the Israel as a Jewish state, and twice the Israeli Supreme Court unanimously overturned the ban.  The notion that any Arab state anywhere would let a judicial court overrule one of its dictator's key decisions is totally risible. 

Come to that, a Muslim Druze politician, Majalli Wahabi ,became the acting President when the existing President was abroad in February 2007.  (The Druze, a tough mountain people who live in Israel, Lebanon,  Syria, and parts of Jordan, are conscripted into the Israeli army as are Jewish men and women --- with more and more Christian Arabs volunteering now as recruits, including Arab women as officers.

Sidebar: To Clarify with Another Example:

In April 2002 --- a period when roughly a thousand of terrorist attacks were attempted or set off in Israel --- the government sent in a commando force to the city of Jenin on the West Bank, where Israeli intelligence (with a member on the ground in Jenin) discovered a large group of terrorists holed up in a camp site with civilians present.  The commando force used every restraint it could to kill the terrorists with little harm to the civilian population.  At the end of the battle four days after it started, the a senior Palestinian official told CNN that there were at least 500 Palestinians killed in the terrorist hideout-camp. 

On the fifth day, the Palestinian Authority Secretary told the UPI (United Press International) that the number killed was in the thousands . . . with, to top it off, the Secretary " hinting, along with other Palestinian figures, that Israel had snatched bodies, buried Palestinians in mass graves and under the rubble of ruined buildings, and otherwise conducted [itself] on a scale compatible with genocide."

Not surprisingly, the gullible European media, increasingly anti-Israel, reported these horrendous figures in every country they hailed from.  The Israelis --- the New Nazis (according to lots of Arab  propaganda) --- had practiced "genocide".  Yep, genocide just as the Palestinian Secretary said it was.  Then, too, a Swedish UN representative who entered the camp said it looked like a catastrophe, reminding him of the bombings and attacks by Nazi forces in WWII on Leningrad  --- which he had apparently witnessed at times as a citizen of a neutral country.  Strikingly, in contrast, two experienced American reporters  (one from the Los Angeles Times, the other from the NYT) said it didn't seem to be anything but a small battle. No catastrophe, let alone any genocide --- and not noticeably many Palestinian corpses to see.

At about the same time, note quickly, Arab members of the Israeli Knesset (Parliament) petitioned the Israeli Supreme Court to have the IDF commandos stop removing any bodies from the camp.  The High Court did exactly that, even though the IDF head said that they were removing dead bodies and burying them to prevent diseases from spreading in the Camp. 

In the end, the number of dead Palestinians wasn't thousands, wasn't even remotely 500.  It totaled in the UN report only 52 dead victims, 38 of which had been gunmen terrorists. (Just before the Israeli attack on the terrorist holdout, Israeli loud speakers warned the civilians to flee the camp.  Apparently, some didn't or were made hostages by the Palestinian terrorists.  By the same token, the UN report showed that there were 23 Israeli commandos killed in the 11 day battle.  In short, the Israeli-hating European media --- never mind some radical left-wing media in the US --- reported that the propagandist Palestinian exaggerations were accurate, a real calamity of grisly immorality.  By contrast, the battle-experienced American reporters had been accurate.  It was a small battle, with casualties on both side ---and a million miles away from a genocide.      

sources:  On the battle of Jenin, go here:    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Jenin   On the large number of terrorist attacks on Israeli by Palestinian terrorists in the early part of the 2000 first decade, go  here.       http://www.johnstonsarchive.net/terrorism/terrisraelsum.html                                                                   

                         The Key Point Again of These Introductory Comments? 

Just This:

There is nothing wrong with people --- whether Israelis or not --- criticizing Israeli governments or their policies, especially if they use the same standards they would use in their own solid liberal democracies.

The big exception then?  You guessed it!   The exception are Anti-Semites who can be found in large-numbers all over Europe and to a much lesser extent in the USA. 

Appallingly worse, but predictably so, are the media all over the Arab world and in Iran.  The reportage in these Muslim countries is crammed with preposterous hate-filled delusional idiocies regarding Israel.   What is no less markedly illegitimate as well is the openly expressed hatred of Israel by Iranian governments and their toadies in the Middle East have openly said they would like to exterminate the Israeli people --- no, not just the existing regime as the no less toady sycophants in Europe and even the USA have claimed.  (For the Iranian assaults on Israel's right to exist, click here. http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2015/03/Iranian-View-of-Israel/387085/

What concrete evidence? 

Then consider these clearly clamorous cries from Iranians and Arab groups it supports for killing all the Jews worldwide (which somehow never seem to get into the European media, except at times in Britain).

Mohammad Khatami, the former president of Iran: “If we abide by real legal laws, we should mobilize the whole Islamic world for a sharp confrontation with the Zionist regime … if we abide by the Koran, all of us should mobilize to kill.” (2000)

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei: “It is the mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to erase Israel from the map of the region.” (2001)

Hassan Nasrallah, a leader of Hezbollah: “If they [Jews] all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide.” (2002)

Nasrallah: “Israel is our enemy. This is an aggressive, illegal, and illegitimate entity, which has no future in our land. Its destiny is manifested in our motto: ‘Death to Israel.’” (2005)

Yahya Rahim Safavi, the former commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps: “With God’s help the time has come for the Zionist regime’s death sentence.” (2008)

Mohammad Hassan Rahimian, Khamenei’s representative to the Moustazafan Foundation: “We have manufactured missiles that allow us, when necessary to replace [sic] Israel in its entirety with a big holocaust.” (2010)

Mohammad Reza Naqdi, the commander of the Basij paramilitary force: “We recommend them [the Zionists] to pack their furniture and return to their countries. And if they insist on staying, they should know that a time while arrive when they will not even have time to pack their suitcases.” (2011)

Khamenei: “The Zionist regime is a cancerous tumor and it will be removed.” (2012)

Ahmad Alamolhoda, a member of the Assembly of Experts: “The destruction of Israel is the idea of the Islamic Revolution in Iran and is one of the pillars of the Iranian Islamic regime. We cannot claim that we have no intention of going to war with Israel.” (2013)

Nasrallah: “The elimination of Israel is not only a Palestinian interest. It is the interest of the entire Muslim world and the entire Arab world.” (2013)

Hojateleslam Alireza Panahian, the advisor to Office of the Supreme Leader in Universities: “The day will come when the Islamic people in the region willdestroy Israel and save the world from this Zionist base.” (2013)

Hojatoleslam Ali Shirazi, Khamenei’s representative in the Revolutionary Guard: “The Zionist regime will soon be destroyed, and this generation will be witness to its destruction." (2013)

Khamenei: “This barbaric, wolflike & infanticidal regime of Israel which spares no crime has no cure but to be annihilated.” (2014)

Hossein Salami, the deputy head of the Revolutionary Guard: "We will chase you [Israelis] house to house and will take revenge for every drop of blood of our martyrs in Palestine, and this is the beginning point of Islamic nations awakening for your defeat." (2014)

Salami: "Today we are aware of how the Zionist regime is slowly being erased from the world, and indeed, soon, there will be no such thing as the Zionist regime on Planet Earth." (2014)

Hossein Sheikholeslam, the secretary-general of the Committee for Support for the Palestinian Intifada: "The issue of Israel's destruction is important, no matter the method. We will obviously implement the strategy of the Imam Khomeini and the Leader [Khamenei] on the issue of destroying the Zionists. The region will not be quiet so long as Israel exists in it ..." (2014)

Mohammad Ali Jafari, the commander-in-chief of the Revolutionary Guard: "The Revolutionary Guards will fight to the end of the Zionist regime ... We will not rest easy until this epitome of vice is totally deleted from the region's geopolitics." (2015)




Query: Why Don't the European Media Report These Threats of Mass Extermination

And Why Is Israel Always Blamed for Protecting Its People From Terrorist Attacks?

Come on ---Isn't Prof Bug exaggerating about European culpability in spreading not just hatred of Israel, but also, willingly or not, contributing to the rapid growth of European Anti-Semitism? No, not really --- unless you think he ( prof bug) could find more than a small handful of national newspapers or TV in European countries,  most of these exceptions found in Britain and once in a while on TV reporting.  Only . . . well, for these media exception to make no impact on general European views of what went on with the Israeli-Hamas war last summer (2014), or earlier in Jenin, shows how perversely stubborn their Anti-Israeli beliefs happen to be. 

No surprise here really.  As prof bug showed in the previous Buggy Professor series with hard survey data over the last few years, Anti-Semitism --- AKA, Jew-hatred --- has been rising in leaps and bounds.  With no slowdown, let alone reversal, evident at all. 

Come On, Prof Bug, Aren't You Exaggerating?

No, he doesn't think so.  The buggy prof, please note, daily watches French TV news (the deuxieme chaine), looks at Le Monde frequently, looks at Der Spiegel the German weekly magazine online (and the major source of centrist and left-wing dislike of the USA and hatred of Israel for the well-educated),  the Guardian in Britain (ditto for its allergic disapproving Anti-Israeli reportage, with, to its credit, some exceptions now and then), and so on for occasional looks at Italian and Spanish newspapers. 

 Against this background, Prof Bug  will happily admit to overdoing it if his critics here or in Europe can show how the European media generally do the following:

1) Report accurately the grisly extermination-threats coming out of the mouths of Arab and Iranian big-shot-shots as reported by their media, strictly censored on pain of . . . well, lots of pain let's just say;

2) Report no less accurately, say, why they --- the European reporters on the ground in Gaza last summer--- were overwhelmingly intimidated into ignoring how Hamas terrorists set up rocket sites in hospitals and schools and shopping areas, purposefully to cause casualties, while having used precious money for building long subterranean tunnels into Israeli territory for terrorist attacks . . . with the terrorists, after killing Jews and others, scooting back into the concealed tunnels with roadrunner speed.

3) Don't wait for, say, official UN statements after careful examination on the ground in, say, Jenin or by their own journalists once they are back out of Hamas control and threats while they are still in Gaza, say again, last summer (2014) in the latest armed conflict --- started by Hamas ---between that terrorist group and other jihadi death-cult terrorists and Israel.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Jenin  


Sidebar Clarification 1: How Bad Can the European Media Be on Israel

WASHINGTON - The Foreign Press Association (FPA) released a statement Monday condemning censorship by Hamas in the Gaza Strip in attempts to ensure that reports put the terrorist organization in positive light over the course of Operation Protective Edge.  (Official FPA statements below are in italics.)  Click here for the media report of all this and more:  http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4557775,00.html

"Since foreign reporters exited the Gaza Strip during a lull in fighting, several reports have surfaced showing footage that they had been afraid to show while in Gaza, but the FPA's comments are the first such claims from an official organization."

"The FPA protests in the strongest terms the blatant, incessant, forceful and unorthodox methods employed by the Hamas authorities and their representatives against visiting international journalists in Gaza over the past month," read the statement.'

"According to members of the organization, which comprises of some 500 journalists from 32 different countries, Hamas pressured and threatened reporters, preventing them from giving viewers and readers an, "objective picture from the ground." 

"The FPA, to continue, then said officially: "In several cases, foreign reporters working in Gaza have been harassed, threatened or questioned over stories or information they have reported through their news media or by means of social media," said the FPA statement'"

Note here that at least some of the USA newspapers played this up, especially (for importance in the media), the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times . . . though, even more importantly, the head of the NYT Bureau Chief in Jerusalem implied that the FPA (Foreign Press Association) had fallen victim to Israeli propaganda about reporters in Gaza during the war.  He, in turn, was criticized severely by journalists who had been on the ground in Gaza from start to the finish of war. Click here for the controversy:  Enter the http address (URL) here:  http://honestreporting.com/rudoren-fpa-statement-on-hamas-is-dangerous/

Prof Bug could not find any noticeable play up of this in the quality British newspapers (Guardian and Times of London) or Le Monde (top French newspaper) or Der Spiegel (the weekly Bible of the Anti-Israeli and Semi-Anti America for centrist and especially left-wing supposedly well educated Germans)

 Another Significant Sidebar Clarification 2: Key UN Official On How Hamas Deliberately Shoots Its Rockets From Vulnerable Civilian Places, Including Those Run By the UN Itself

John Ging --- former head of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) in the Gaza Strip from 2006 to 2011; and now Director of the Operational Division at the UN's Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) World-Wide ---  in an interview with the Canadian Broadcasting  Corporation.

"UN Official, the Irish John Ging Admits Hamas Fires Rockets from Vicinity of UN Schools and Other Facilities:

"In a CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) interview (30 July) with John Ging, Director of the Operational Division at the UN's Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the UN official admits that Hamas and other terrorist organizations fire rockets from the vicinity of UN schools and other facilities in the Gaza Strip, as well as from residential areas. 

"After being asked about human shields and whether Hamas or Islamic Jihad are launching rockets near shelters, including UN schools, John Ging replies in the affirmative: "Yes, the armed groups are firing their rockets into Israel from the vicinity of UN facilities and residential areas. Absolutely."
Before joining OCHA, John Ging was the Director of UNRWA Operations in the Gaza Strip from 2006-2011." 


Sidebar Clarification 3: "Why Hamas Stores Its Weapons Inside Hospitals, Mosques, and Schools"

 This time, an impressive Washington Post article --- unlike almost all the European media --- shows how Hamas deliberately wanted to have Israeli rockets fired into civiliian areas of Gaza a, the better to show to the wounded and dead victims to the world.  Needless to add, that is what the largely gullible or intimidated journalists reported during the war between Hamas and Israel.  Once again, Prof Bug skimmed through a fair number of French, British, and German news sources and couldn't find any reportage that came even close to the Washington Post's lengthy analysis.

 By Terrence McCoy July 31, 2014 in the Washington Post (verbatim) 

"Inside a Gaza Strip mosque in January 2009, nothing at first seemed unusual with the wooden pulpit pushed against the cement wall. Barely taller than a man, it stood beside a microphone stand near an electric fan and some plastic chairs, according to photographs captured by the Israel Defense Forces.

 But hidden inside the pulpit, Israel alleged, were a Kalashnikov assault rifle, a bulletproof vest and binoculars. Soldiers soon spread the mosque’s cache on the floor, a haul that included a rifle, grenades and ammunition. Hamas operatives, Israel charged, were to blame.

 “The many mosques in the Gaza Strip serve not only religious functions, but are also put to military use by Hamas and other terrorist organizations,” the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center said at the time. “They are used to hide terrorist operatives, store weapons, as sites from which rockets and mortar shells are launched.”

 To many observers, one of the most troublesome facts of the Gaza Strip conflict — which has killed around 1,340 Palestinians, many of them civilians, and 56 Israeli soldiers — has been Israel’s apparent willingness to strike civilian institutions such as mosques, schools and hospitals. On Wednesday, following a strike on a school while its inhabitants slept, killing 20 people and wounding dozens more, a United Nations official said Israel had violated international law. “I condemn in the strongest possible terms the serious violation of international law by Israel forces, said U.N. official Pierre Krähenbühl. “This is an affront to all of us, a source of universal shame. Today the world stands disgraced.”

 Israeli military officials, for their part, say the reality of the strikes is substantially more complicated and claim Hamas’s maintenance of military operations inside civilian institutions precipitate such attacks. [Buggy here: Israeli intelligence would broadcast to civilian homes and apartment buildings that the civilians should quickly evacuate from them before a strike would occur --- usually between one to two minutes later.]  “Hamas chooses to use these protected areas for military purposes in order to shield itself from IDF strikes,” the Israel Defense Forces said this week. “And to draw international condemnation of Israel if the IDF is forced to respond.”

 The United Nations has found troves of rockets hidden in three of its schools since the conflict began. “We condemn the group or groups who endangered civilians by placing these munitions in our school,” Chris Gunness, spokesman for the U.N. Relief and Works Agency, said in statement published Wednesday by the Times of Israel. “This is yet another flagrant violation of the neutrality of our premises. We call on all the warring parties to respect the inviolability of U.N. property.”

 Earlier this month, the United Nations also found rockets piled inside one of its vacant schools — near other schools used to accommodate displaced people. 

 Source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2014/07/31/why-hamas-stores-its-weapons-inside-hospitals-mosques-and-schools/.


 Sidebar Clarification 4:

 Even the strongly left-leaning Huffington Post Online ran a vigorous article on Hamas's deliberately holding its citizenry as hostages who, it hoped, would be wounded or killed if Israeli intelligence tried to target terrorist rocket-sites in Gaza.  Click on the URL (address) for the source of this informative article:


 Good luck if you could find anything in the European media similar to these four Sidebar commentaries of American newspapers or online news irrespective of political leanings.

  The Challenge:

 Let prof bug know if you can find major newspapers or TV-Radio coverage other than in Britain of these two claims above and --- very important ---find that coverage giving it prominence in its reportage.  Prominence is the key here.  Just a mention once, very  briefly with no follow-up prominence--- say, as the French deuxime chaine did --- does not reflect good solid reportage. 

 It's unlikely --- prof bug just speculating here --- if 15% of the viewers of the deuxieme chaine report modified even modestly  their conditioned animosity toward Israel and the war with Hamas.  And if 5% of the average European newspaper-reader or TV-news viewer elsewhere on the Continent even remembered reading or seeing anything of the FPA statement a day later, then the Buggy guy would be doubly surprised.

 Which means: most of the European media and their pontificators  --- which are noticeably on the political left-wing --- yak-yak endlessly about Israeli wickedness.  On the other side of the spectrum, the moderate centrist and conservative politicians and media pontificators are only slightly less likely to show animosity toward Israel.  Don't want to rile the Anti-Semitic voters, yes?

 Oddly, though, there is one exception though.  And yes, really odd.

  The new populous right-wing political movements in Europe over the last few years --- the most prominent being the National Front in France (now ranked the front-runner in surveys to win the 1st round of the next Presidential election in the spring of 2017) --- have either toned down their vicious Anti-Semitism or shut it off entirely.  (This has what Marine Le Pen, Jean-Marie's daughter who took control of the National Front in 2011, has done --- right down to telling Papa to shut up about his Holocaust denial and Anti-Semitism and to have him booted off any prominent role in the National Front Party.

 As a result of the National Front's policies and political propaganda, a recent survey in France showed that 13% of the French Jewish voters support that party-movement.  And --- here Prof Bug is speculating again --- the National Front and other Northwestern European upstart right-wing political parties and movements seem to have modified their Anti-Israeli animosities . . . maybe, again just speculating here, because their animosity toward the Muslim populations in their midst has soared without stop the last few years. 

  Sidebar Need To Explain This Change on the Right?

 The major reason for the toning-down of Jew-Hatred?  (Note: toning-down, not necessarily rejecting it totally.)  It's the need in Northwest Europe and even in France to win over more voters in order to win national elections and take over government in those nations.  Two upstart parties --- one in Denmark and the other in Netherlands (where the right-wing party went down in vote-approval recently) --- have already been important in the past or present to keeping center-and-conservative parties in power. 

 In the process of toning down their Anti-Semitism (which the right-wing movements in Denmark and Netherlands never endorsed at all), they have modified their earlier criticism of Israel as an extra-baddie state.  On the other hand, in Central and East Europe, there is no doubt whatever that most of the new upstart right-wing movements are extremist and --- in places like Greece or Hungary --- are Jew-haters and look and act like Neo-Nazis.  Small wonder.  With the exception of Czech Republic, the other countries in those regions of Europe are bursting with growing anti-Semitism . . . something set out carefully, with lots of survey data, in the previous series on The Buggy Professor blog.

  One Last Comment or Two To End This Introductory Portion of This Posted Article

                   the Differences Between Anti-Semitism in Europe and the USA

 The outcome in Europe of All This Lopsided Reportage ?

  As noted a few second ago, there's growing Anti-Semitism at a galloping pace all over Europe.  For a very good survey or two on the percentage of Europeans, country by country,  who appear to be Jew-haters.  Source, copy it and put the full address in your browser's address bar: http://global100.adl.org/     . . . an ADL survey (with statistical specialists helping with the questions and analyzing the responses).   And also here.  http://www.adl.org/press-center/press-releases/anti-semitism-international/adl-survey-in-ten-european-countries-find-anti-semitism.html

 As for the USA,

 Anti-Semitism is at an all time low.  

 In 2014, the latest ADL survey found that only 9% of Americans endorsed any serious Jew-hatred or Jew-dislike. Click here again to reach the ADL 100-country study, published in 2014 or copy the URL (web-address) and insert it in your browser's address bar at the top of your browser: http://www.adl.org/press-center/press-releases/anti-semitism-international/adl-global-100-poll.html#.VUEvyPlViko 

 When you arrive at the relevant ADL web-site page, click on any region and then click on specific countries for Anti-Semitism --- in, say, Europe, then in France compared to Britain compared to Germany etc.  For a good historical tracking of the marked decline in the USA since 1964, click here or copy the .  http://www.adl.org/press-center/press-releases/anti-semitism-usa/adl-poll-anti-semitic-attitudes-america-decline-3-percent.html#.VUEw0flViko)

 What's more astonishing, a Pew Research Study  found early in 2015 that Judaism was the most respected religion in the USA when members of the major religions in this country were asked what religion do they regard other than their own as the most admirable.   

 Among the causes of this decline in the USA over the last 51 years, the US media stand out as one big source.  Unlike in Europe, the media are generally more balanced about Israel (with exceptions of course), though not the left-wing socialists and far-out left-wing political members of the Democratic Party --- 14% of all Democratic voters (or roughly 6% of all registered American voters) --- not to forget the unregenerate anti-Semites who wish the Ku Klux Klan and Neo-Nazis would flourish in strength

What Follows Here in The Rest of This Article:

What it shows is how, for 78 years now (back to 1937 as you'll see), there has been an unchangeable and total repetitive refusal both by the Palestinian leaders to accept any compromise that would partition the Israeli and Arab areas into a functioning and peaceful two-state solution and --- no less important --- allow all Arab refugees from the 1948 war that led to the new Israeli state being invaded by six Arab-countries' armies. That last point, as you see, is what led the Israeli governments since 2002 to reject the new Arab League's peace-initiatives.