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Friday, March 13, 2015

Christians Persecuted All Over the Middle East. More and More Flee

Buggy Introduction

On the very good Foreign Affairs online-site today (03/13/2015), there appeared a commendable article by two specialists on the Middle East who set out the growing fears and persecutions underway of Christian Arabs --- along with their efforts to flee those dangers by emigrating the US or Europe, to which article Prof Bug replied.  Click here for the article, plus several other comments left on the article-site.  Foreign Affairs is always worth looking at, its articles put out by both scholars and journalists.  Lots of them are noticeably informative and fair-minded --- which means they take into account likely criticisms of their work.  Agreed: some of the articles aren't fair-minded.  All the same, they are generally intellectually stimulating.

Apropo of the fair-mindedness and balance that good scholarly work and journalism should live up to, each of you on the buggy site should always try to recognize propaganda and lopsided writings or lectures that simply set out automaton-driven indoctrination.  That's true of much of the stuff set out by those professors --- at all levels of higher education --- who repeatedly engage in one-sided brainwashing and ignore, purposefully, hard evidence that might be found in counter-arguments.  The new leftwing post-modernists are an insult to good scholarship and teaching. 

A Couple of Examples 

The only powerful intellect who associated himself with the New Left for a couple of decades --- the philosopher Richard Rorty --- said in a book put together by scholars of his work that he was "properly chastened and reprimanded" for his previous New Left associations.  He even went so far as to call its academic members "creeps".  That book  --- Rorty and his critics by Robert Brandom, 2000 --- is well worth reading if you're interested in philosophy. Brandom, a prominent philosopher himself, was a Ph.D. student of Rorty's.  Rorty died in 2007.  By then, he was robably the most famous philosopher in the world since the early 1980s.   

Something else.  The political right-wing in the USA also engages in lop-sided Orwellian New-Speak too.  That's especially true of the more frenzied of them.  The big difference with the New Left?  The right-wing is not strongly represented in universities, at least not in the Social Sciences and Humanities --- though lots of good scientists describe themselves as Republicans.  Then, too, the work coming out of Business-sponsored institutes like the generally sound American Enterprise Institute is usually worth looking at.  It employs mainly retired or former scholars, and it grounds its articles in clear data.  You may disagree with their articles, but that requires your spotting insufficent or mishandled data --- something not easily done except by specialists. 

A confession: Buggy sees himself as a moderate Democrat. 


                                             THE BUGGY POST AT FP TODAY

This is an informative article, backed up in other ways . . . such as the rapidly growing influx into Israel of Arab Christians.  They make generally good citizens of Israel, and many have joined the IDF (Israeli military).  Recently, a couple of years ago, an Arab Christian female officer was put in charge of a IDF company.  Click here

The fast growing influx into Israel of Arab Christians --- who practice different kinds of Christianity (Orthodox, Copt etc) --- is due to a combination of causal influences: the never-ending wars in Syria and Iraq; ISIS massacres of both Christians and Christian churches; increasing efforts in Gaza and to an extent in the West Bank to force the populations to submit to rigid medieval sharia-law, including total submission of women to male-favored laws; persecution of gays and so on.  

Israel's population is 8.3 million.  75% of them are Jews.  Arabs, at 1.7 million, are 21% of the population.  Of those 1.7 million, there are about 167,000 Christian citizens total  in Israel, with 80% of them Arabs.  The Arab Christian community has the fastest growing rate of child births in the country.  They do well in Israeli schools and universities, and increasingly they have voluntarily joined the IDF.  

Here's a Breakdown of Israeli Demographics

Group[9][10]PopulationProportion of totalGrowth rate
Mainstream5,499 00065.1%1.2%

Source: click here


Farther afield in the Middle East, note that in Egypt --- which has by far the largest population of Christians --- the numbers of Coptic and other much smaller Christian minorities have been fleeing the country for three decades now, with the numbers of emigrants soaring after the radical Muslim Brotherhood took control of the government in 2013.  Most of those emigrating seek to go to Europe or the USA. 

Copts, please note, are about 12% of Egypt's 90 million population.  The Coptic leaders have continually accused the Egyptian government since the 1970s of not sufficiently protecting their members and churches from jihadis and rampaging crowds.  The same leaders dismiss the official government figures of only 6 million Copts in Egypt as a shameful fabrication.  The currently ruling military has promised the Coptic community that it will intensify its protection of their persons and churches. Click here for a good article about all this.

More recently, jihadi attacks in Libya sent well over 10,000 Christian Arabs fleeing with Egyptian aid into Egypt itself.  The rescues were aided by the Egyptian government . . . a signal, it seems, that the military leaders in Cairo are living up to their promise of providing better protection for their Christian citizens and refugees.


Retired Prof, AKA Michael Gordon