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Sunday, June 12, 2011


Today's Buggy Topic

It's found in a thread at the Chronicle of Higher Education, a very good weekly that features, among other things, some readable mind-jogging essays by scholars from different disciplines.  The Chronicle also has specialists who recommend different readings --- books or articles --- for the general educated public.  It's in one of those recommended blogs that you'll find prof bug's recommendations, all missed, strangely, by not just the impressive blogger (Ms. Mentor), but by a couple of dozen posters.  Click here for the buggy stuff, along with the blog and the comments left by other posters. 

Please Note

To access the blog, you may have to register free when you reach the Chronicle.  Note, too, that the Chronicle also sponsors the best daily online source about philosophy, the arts, music, literature, and now and then the social and natural sciences.  Called Arts and Letters Daily, that web site was created about a decade or so ago by a former UC Santa Barbara Ph.D. philosopher, Dennis Dutton, who ended up in a philosophy department in New Zealand.  Professor Dutton died, alas, a few months ago, but not before he left us his pioneering web-site for universal usage. 

Click here for Arts and Letters Daily.  When you're there, be sure to look over the large number of useful links to other sites, including  SciTech Daily.  Oh, just remembered.  If you have trouble registering for the Chronicle of Higher Education, you'll find a link at Arts and Letters Daily to the relevant Chronicle page in the A&L's left-hand column near the very top, entitled "Nota Bene" in bold type.  The link there is called "Novel Academic Novels".