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Monday, September 27, 2010


                                                             INTRODUCTORY COMMENTS

Buggy Writing from Cyberspace Exile Again

Or more precisely said: now that poor prof bug has been evicted from the Economist's View blog --- and yes, in case you want to know, for untold and unmentionable sins such as posting evidence-driven comments that contradicted the pulpit-pounding pieties of the left-wing posters there, a good seven of whom scribble out their utterly predictable dogmas dozens of times a day, and on virtually every subject-under-the-sun ---  he, a wretched pariah-guy once more, finds himself shamed another time with oh-so-awful ostracism by a tetchy-touchy academic.

Nothing new here. 

By now, such banishment part-and-parcel of the buggy persona --- his buzz-buzz flittings in blogsphere life doomed, alas, to retaliatory swats  sooner or later; or so it seems. 

No Matter.  Not to Worry.  By Now, An Old Buggy Habit

Like the previous academic-run blogs  from which the buggy prof has been banned--- Econ-Log and the Marginal Revolution, both libertarian sites --- Professor Mark Thoma, a good economist with left-wing liberal tendencies, but with a temper and full of self-illusion (it seems) about his idolizing Magnificent Seven monomaniacal following as though it counts for something  intellectually sound, never mind important--- appears to misunderstand what judicious and illuminating exchanges should consist of.

Such as?

  • Well not, you understand, strings of left-wing (or right-wing) ex cathedra assertions spittled out as straight-from-the-horse's-mouth scripture, and whatever the topic.

  • Nor, come to that, blank-verse reiterations of them as with one of the Seven Samurai-Sling-Posters at Economist's View, a talented wordsmith, but a dogmatist through and through who is something of a slavish follower of Karl Marx . . . inevitable social-laws and all that guarantee a future of wondrous love-thy-neighbor full-tilt Socialism. Who, believe it or not,  assured prof bug a couple of months ago that the slaughter of 100 million people by Communist regimes after 1918 was really just a learning-experience for a better and brighter Communism of the future.

  • And certainly not, to end this list of posting-poseurs, endless links to hundreds of full-length Paul Krugman op-eds splattered over and over, dozens of times  daily --- and in each and every thread --- by a raging narcissist full of raw fury toward any dissenters from her simpleton left-wing credos.

Trust Me Here.  No  Exaggeration! 

 A fruitcake poster with super-potent narcissistic urges, among which impulsive thrusts ( so she duly informed us) were her dazzling good-looks, she insisted for all this that she had a mental-calling in life: to better the world with her brainwave offerings, which she would  would slosh about hour after hour here, there, and everywhere at  Economist's View.    

                                                                 WHAT FOLLOWS?



Click on the "Continue Bar" Just Below 

Just this: Buggy would like to post here the lengthy comment that got Professor Thoma worked-up into a lather of anti-gadfly hostility toward the defenseless and defamed buzz-buzz guy  . . . not least, as you'll see, because prof bug zeroed in on the fatuous scaredy-cat fears that Professor Thoma himself clearly hinted at when he compared, sotto voce, the Tea Party activist to the Nazis early in the Great Depression years of Germany.  The Tea Party members like Nazis!  Wow, what a loopy claim of  self-induced angst . . . which, when you get down to it, prof bug outrightly stated and may conceivably --- just conceivably, nothing more  ---   agitated Prof Thoma sufficiently to give buggy the old ostracizing swat.  

Take that, you nasty moderate, you! 

Back on Planet Earth 

Essentially, when you look at the Tea Party activists with free of paranoia, they seem little more than simple-minded libertarian enthusiasts with some tinges of paranoia about President Obama (whom prof bug respects) ---- worse paranoia, though, than left-wing conspiracy stuff about the Bush-W White House? ---who are managing to rally the mass-base of the Republican Party: yep, no violence in their circles despite some aggressive rhetoric; no threats to overthrow the American government or ignite terrorist attacks on defenseless left-wingers; no tolerance of racism (though some are no doubt racist ); and what's more,  when it comes to their anti-immigrant expressions, they  seem directed at only illegal ones.  Yes, some are gullible ignoramuses.  Some think Obama was born in Somalia (or maybe on Mars).  But they are not Nazis or even like European extremist movements like the National Front.  

Oops, it look like prof bug worked himself up into a bout of self-induced euphoria in this first 20-minute long piece of writing to this point.   So say what?  Say this: let's end here, and we'll set out the full buggy substantive stuff in the next post that follows.