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Thursday, April 15, 2010


Today's Buggy Topic

Prompted by a good article in the NY Times two days ago, the prof bug lengthy analysis of the topic --- captured faithfully above --- can be found at Economist's View if you click here.  

Oh, Please Note 

When you get to the thread, you'll find the analysis posted under the name of prof-you-know-who.  That was the pseudonym a friend used to post the bugged-out stuff when, for a while there, the buggy professor was ostracized. 

As it happens, the ban has now been lifted, so you can ignore the few farewell words left in a post after the analytical one under the usual buggy professor name.  Life has its strange ups-and-downs, wouldn't you say? --- some joys, some disappointments, and some raw rippling setbacks.    Happens to everyone.  What varies are the severity and duration of the lacerating reversals. 

 Only way to deal with those reversals is to tackle them head-on, which might require professional help . . . anything better, as some of you no doubt have already learned,  than long-lasting mental torture.