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Saturday, January 9, 2010


The Hocus-Pocus Is . . .

. . . found in a lengthy thread, 160+ posts, full of dogmatic left-wing pieties and the usual phantasmagoric make-believe among the radical posters who believe, amid the ongoing economic crisis, that the political and economic future of the USA clearly, really --- yes, really really, brothers and sisters!  No fooling this time! --- belongs to them at long last.  Not the distant future, mind you.  Rather, imminently . . . starting in the November 2010 Congressional elections.  ;

 Yes, pell-mell, just like that . . . the exploited, downtrodden, immiserized American working classes, their academic avant-garde showing them the way forward, are about to rise up; reject their dismal dog-eat-dog  existence in capitalist, sexist, racist, homophobic, neo-neo-post-modern imperialist AmeriKa;  sweep out the mercilessly exploitive Oligarchy-in-Control, not to forget its running-dogs in Congress and once again in the White House --- oh Obama, you cruel cruel sell-out! ; and --- as the topper, the final systematic change, then alter the American Constitution so that our political system looks like Sweden's or France's, concentrated power everywhere in the hands of the New Benevolent Rulers.  After which, brothers and sisters! pow . . . institute full-tilt Social Democracy, just like that. 

Wait Though!  Social-Democracy Just a Way-Station, a Temporary Rest for Our Benevolent New Power-Wielders and Sagacious Saviors!

And soon --- not just pow! but, boom!  boom-like!  we'll all shoot forward at superman-speed to full-blooded socialism . . . yes,, heavenly bliss on earth, the American masses saved by our radical brethren from misery and chronic downtrodden depression.  Wisdom, generosity, and endless empathy afoot throughout America and, by extension, the world.  Democracy finally real in this country, no longer a sham facade for the Oligarchy and the rich and treacherous politicians.  Wars ended or near end.  Environmental greenry everywhere.  Regulations of full benign intent in full force on a global scale.  And, needless to add --- maybe thanks to endless transfers via foreign aid --- a global redistribution of income while finally all of Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia flourish, develop wisely, fully attentive to the environment, and AmeriKan arrogance and power turn into American benevolent philanthropy everywhere.


All this hoked-up mumbo-jumbo and collective self-delusion, note with joy, is fully on display in a thread at Economist's View . . . the Marxist wind-machine gibber there- totally cut off from reality except as it exists in the self-deluded minds of the Magnificent Seven Post-Slingers  who monopolize about 75-80% of the posts, along with their camp-followers of all genders, ages, and shared groupthink hallucinations.

Enter the Buggy Professor

After about 130 of these startlingly daffy, cloud-chasing posts that would have done justice to scholastic philosophers of the Middle Ages obsessed with counting the correct number of angels dancing on a pin-head, prof bug --- once he finished laughing with belly-aching delight and caught his breath ---- decided to enter the ring with these world-class nit-wits and try to bring the discussion back to planet-earth and American life and society in 2010.  Specifically, by noting first just how out of touch with political trends in American life these windy, other-worldly pulpit-pounders happen to be.  Then, more specifically still, by citing at length the results of two different surveys of U.S. public opinion on an array of political matters . . . both surveys, using different questions and samples, showing that even Democrats oppose a bigger, more activist government and higher taxes by 51% to 37% (as one polls nailed the figure).

That 37% of the American public adds up --- what with self-identified  Democrats and Republicans alike getting 40% of the vote last November (20% left to Independent) --- to a mere 14.8% of the electorate.  And with, t0 boot, 74% of Americans found in one of those surveys to believe that the United States is basically a fair and decent country.

What Followed?

A deluge of attacks, all amounting to goofball personal attacks on yours truly, plus --- far more important --- a bevy of dogmatic, utterly close-minded rejection of this evidence.  Wow!  How dare the manipulated American masses --- victims of false-consciousness --- presume to know their self-interests and views of American life not in line with those of the true-believing Left!  And how shameless is the troll-bug to insult the pulpit-pounding pieties of the avant-garde intelligentsia, kindergarten-version!

All this flight from hard, down-to-earth realities, mind you,  materializing in circles of left-wing Marxists and other Socialists whose members most likely rub their eyes, their minds afire with mockery, when they read  or hear that fundamentalist religious people of all religions reject Darwinian evolution as wrong, lacking anchorage in hard evidence compared to their belief systems. 

And so prof bug, more delighted than ever --- feeling bright and bouncy --- posted two more times, full of naughty-boy roguery.  Click here for the three buggy posts.  Observe that all three are found on the 2nd page of the posted comments.  To get to that page, scroll to the bottom of the first page, click on the "continue" button, and voilà!  you'll find some revealing buggy evidence and lots of unintentionally hilarious radical twaddle of crazy-house proportions and padded-cell delusion.