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Thursday, December 17, 2009


Today's Buggy Topic

It's found at Economist's View, where the buggy analysis linked to a markedly informative analysis by Alan Blinder --- a macro-economic specialist at Princeton, who was also a former Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board --- of favorable auguries in the job market appeared.   His commentary unfolded in the Wall Street Journal and can be found here.

Blinder's Exemplary Writing for the General Public 

With his combined work as a theoretical economist and his experience as a monetary policy specialist with the Federal Reserve, Blinder was able in June of this year to predict on the basis of past data about recessions that the US economy's recession was about to end in a month or two . . . the prediction fully borne out by August and the strong improvement in GDP growth that occurred in the third quarter of this year.   More to the point, his current WSJ article was loaded with hard evidence in support of his newest prediction about job-growth just about to unfold.  And to top off his impressive commentary, he admitted that he could be wrong and that job-growth might be delayed . . . an admission, please note, that is rarely found elsewhere when economists, however prominent, set out their views in the press media or in their blogs. 

Enter Prof Bug's Own Comments

After he noted all these merits found in Blinder's WSJ article, he went on to poke gleeful fun at the 7 or 8 habitual left-wing posters at Economist's View who hog about 75-80% of the posts left there in several threads daily, and on almost every subject under the sun: economic problems and policies, social problems, educational performance, the betrayal of the Left by President Obama, the environment, foreign policy, security policies, and on and on . . . the utterly banal and fully predictable posts, immediately unfolding the second after Professor Thoma (the owner of the blog-site) links to some article, sets out his own analysis (usually informative and thoughtful), and opens the thread to others.   Yes,immediately; pell-mell without any time for reflection by them. 

Not that reflection would help.  How could it?

Their posts are little more than strings of assertion and re-assertion of their core ideological beliefs, taken for granted as a monopoly of truth on these complex issues and their cocksure comments reinforced by groupthink orthodoxy . . . not to forget the gatekeepers, their minds none too bright but prolifically full of  politically correct pulpit-pounding pieties that they let loose in swarms of extravagant certitude.  And instantly ready in flashing reflexes to defend by sarcastic, unqualifiedly idiotic put-downs of any posts left by dissenters from their orthodoxies . . . above all, yours truly for whom their burlesque invective is a source of immediate guffaws, often followed by huge horse-laughs.

No matter.  Their reflexive mockery is part-and-parcel of half-educated ideologues, which is found not just on the left-wing in American politics, but among the populist right-wing as well . . . now headed, it seems, by Sarah Palin and a few other clownish know-nothings.


Click here for the buggy stuff, fun and all.