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Thursday, November 19, 2009


Today's Buggy Topic

It's found in a thread at the web site of the estimable Chronicle of Higher Education . . . the thread kicked off by a review of a recent French book by Emmanuel Faye on Heidegger's fervent Nazi beliefs in the 1930s and during WWII, all of which he sought to conceal or whitewash in the 31 years that he lived after 1945. 

The exchanges in the thread are of a high quality, especially since most of them were left, it seems, by philosophers . . . some defending Heidegger, others attacking him for his Nazism.  Prof bug's lengthy commentary seeks to show that the defenders of Heidegger's philosophical work --- most of the defenders acknowledging his Nazi party membership, but claiming it didn't influence his major philosophical publications --- are simply wrong.  To show this, prof bug cites all sorts of different studies and on a variety of topics relating to Heidegger and Hitler and the Nazi anti-modernist revolution that he fervently supported . . . right down to merging his traditional view of German superiority in the world as rooted in a Greek-like genius of the soil, its language, its cultural creativity with Hitlerian genocidal racism in the 1939-1942 period of WWII.

Please Note 

The buggy prof post ended up with strange spacing between the paragraphs.  The reason? 

Well, I banged out the Heidegger stuff in Word, then tried to post it at the Chronicle of Higher Education web-site, but --- as it happened --- the posting-box for comments in the thread wouldn't accept any pasting from Word . . . something I learned yesterday when I tried it.  So, after musing what to do --- the alternative of typing in 5000 words or more in the comment box something that rankled him --- prof bug used an automatic formatting program that takes Word-formatted script and re-formats it in HTML, the computer language of the Web.  And it worked, only . . . . well, for reasons that puzzle me, the huge empty spaces between paragraphs showed up in the posted buggy commentary.  Nothing, alas, to be done.

Click Here for the Thread and the Buggy Post:

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