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Saturday, October 17, 2009


Today's Buggy Topic

Once more, it's reflected fairly accurately in the subject-title above, and once more, the buggy comments are found in a thread on the topic at Economist View. 

There Are Three . . .  

buggy posts so far in that thread, each fairly long --- two of which summarize an important path-breaking study of the growth in both national income and inequality since 1979.

The study is by Professor Robert Gordon, a justifiably distinguished economist at Northwestern University . . . and very much in the mainstream of economic analysis of policy-oriented matters.  Among other things, what with the reflexive dismissal by the usual chronic left-wing posters of the buggy summary of Professor Robert Gordon's study, prof bug posted a second commentary that summarized Professor Gordon's record of praiseworthy work on a variety of key economic issues . . . Gordon immediately accused, wrongly, of being some front for right-wing research institutes.

The third buggy post delved further into the Robert Gordon study . . . which is an updated version of a paper that he originally gave at a conference on measuring real national income and measuring as well the extent and pace of growing income inequality over the last three decades.

No Need to Say More 

For the thread and the buggy comments, click here