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Sunday, October 11, 2009


Today's Buggy Topic

 . . . continues, as the subject-title indicates, the same topic dealt with in the previous prof bug article on October 10, 2009. 

In that earlier article, the buggy prof linked to a thread on educational performance in the USA, viewed comparatively in part, at Economist View . . . where he originally left  a couple of lengthy commentaries.  Since then, he has posted three more commentaries, and so even if you've looked at those earlier buggy comments, you might want to click here and read the further stuff --- which includes some exchange with other posters.

The New Buggy Posts 

They deal with the emotional and behavioral problems of children from broken families and above all fatherless families --- not least in school, but otherwise as well.  They also note, with long references, how these problems are generally much worse for boys than for girls . . . who have a better relationship with their single-parent mothers. 

Keep in mind here that statistical analyses deal with "averages" and the distribution of outcomes around those averages.  So prof bug also looks at and compares dysfunctional single-parent families with two-parent ones .  As it happens, the emotional and behavioral problems tend to be 4 to 5 times worse for children from the single-parent family-structure.   Those references are to scholarly work by psychologists, sociologists, and criminologists, and the quoted material is non-academic and easy to read.

You'll also find a buggy commentary that looks at the educational performance of charter schools compared with standard-model public schools --- the evidence very mixed, but generally not encouraging. 

So . . .

Click here for the Economist View thread.  And remember to go to the bottom of the initial page there and click on the "Show More Comments" blue bar right above the posting box.   That will take you to the second page where the several buggy posts are found.  

Oh, and have a few laughs as you look through the thread --- specifically, after the initial buggy comment --- of the hilarious unintended, unglued, head-case humor of the usual irate suspect.