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Sunday, September 27, 2009

THREE DIFFERENT WAYS TO INDUSTRIALIZE, AND THE POLITICAL FALL-OUT: 1) Largely stateless and democratic; 2) State-led by militarized conservative elites; and 3) Communism instituted by middle-class revolutionaries in backward peasant societies

Quite a Mouthful, Today's Topic --- Yes?

Yep, no two ways about it . . . fingers even sore from typing all the words into the subject-title.

Still, prof bug set out these three paths and alternative industrializing courses of action --- along with the political fall-out historically, since the industrial revolution of the late 18th century --- in ways that should be fairly easy to follow.    There are some related issues in the buggy commentary, found at Economist View, as well . . . these added comments, hopefully, interesting enough to hold your attention. Click here for the bug-stuff.