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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Today's Buggy Topic

The title above captures it faithfully enough, including the reference to a sequel of some earlier buggy posts left at Economist View --- only this time the subject-matter has changed, no longer about Freud or psychoanalysis, you see.  Rather, in a switch, to the topic of fascism. 

The Sequel Itself Then?

Simply said, due to the iterative return, like the imbecilic shrieks on a non-stop rap-record, of the same smug, pigheaded numskull who appeared in the earlier thread and in it --- as in the new thread --- spewed more of her manic fatuities and assaults on others.  A strikingly rabid head-case, this compulsively chronic poster . . . a kind of wrong-way Corrigan of the Internet, full of unintended wacko-city humor.  Read her buffoonish stuff, and scout's honor, you can't but laugh.

An exaggeration?

Well, see for yourself.  See if you don't agree with prof bug. 

When you get down to it, only a walled-in ideologue of rigidly self-righteous, solipsistic bent --- or, alternatively, a catatonic brain-numbed obsessive thriving on psycho-ward meds  --- seems capable of splattering such crazed, thoroughly hilarious attacks and a recurringly obdurate torture of the English language.

Anyway . . .

Lots of fun for prof bug, still guffawing delightfully in disbelief even after his sustained effort, in the new thread,  to explain to her and others what fascism means historically and ideologically . . .the buggy analysis, note quickly, full of copious quotes from mass-murdering specialists like Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.  No matter.  Did no good.  The perverse bughouse-cadet dismissed these fascist leaders own brutal, self-revealing dogmas  as irrelevant to her own arbitrary usage of fascism, followed by her predictable motor-mouth rejoinders that leave you full of laughing-out-loud wonder. 

Which usage, surprise! surprise! is purely pejorative . . . a fixture of her screwloose, high-coiled vocabulary for smearing those who disagree with her brainwave ramblings.

Come on --- no way not to be mirthfully diverted by such bullheaded obtuseness, is there?    Prof bug still cackling.  Can't help it!  Buffoonish humor of this caliber is priceless.  And to top it off, our blustering stand-up swaggerer went on and added a half dozen or so very long, totally irrelevant posts full of quoted newsreports about the Honduras political crisis.  

Wow!  That takes an aberrant gift of unusual psychic thrust, no?  Lewis Carroll, where are you when we need you?

And So, Buggy Connoisseurs ---

Click here for all the madcap stuff, along with some invigorating quotes from George Orwell and Humpty-Dumpty and Jerry Seinfeld: plus--- let us not forget --- prof bug's own semi-academic analysis.