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Thursday, July 16, 2009


Today's Buggy Topic

That the US healthcare system needs reforms is probably recognized by almost all visitors to this site.  Prof bug himself supports the current efforts in that direction now undertaken by President Obama. 

Note Though

Yes, there are several problems that need to be improved on --- above all:

  • the non-portability of insurance-coverage from job to job; 
  •  the unusually high healthcare costs as a percentage of GDP, compared to other rich democratic countries; ;
  •  the lack of competitive insurance-policies available to individuals and families across state-lines, with consequently huge and puzzling differences in the costs around our country;
  • the problems of the uninsured

For all that,  the US healthcare system has some stand-outstrengths. 

Enter the Buggy Posts 

These strengths are set out by prof bug in several posts in a thread found at Economist's View . . .  including the reasons why none of the left-wing radical posters there --- all eager to cite the World Health Organizations Report of 2000, the only one that ever ranked the healthcare systems of dozens of countries world-wide when it pointed up the problems of the US healthcare system (the US system compared on 8 criteria ranked 37th, the French 1st) --- would credit the buggy prof's links to the same study that set out the comparative virtues of our system.  

That pigheaded ideology-driven resistance than led the buggy prof to explain it by reference to the psychological theories of "cognitive dissonance" and "groupthink." 

As You'll See, Two Virtues of the US Healthcare System Are Particularly Impressive 

 . . . and are discussed at length, along with other supporting evidence from a forum-exchange between American and European specialists.  Click here, for the thread at Economist 's View

Once you're linked to the thread, you'll note that it isn't just the unparalleled innovation of our healthcare system that looms significantly as a strength in this country--- it's also the survey data collected by the WHO showing that our system ranks 1st in the world in its "Responsiveness" to the health problems of our population.  Meaning?  Meaning the dignity with which patients feel they are treated by doctors, nurses, and others in medical offices and in clinics and hospitals; the timeliness of getting treatment; the timeliness in access to medical specialists; and the overall pleasantness of the system.  The US, to repeat, ranked 1st in the world on that score, and France tied with Belgium for the 16th-17th places.