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Sunday, June 14, 2009


Today's Buggy Topic

In the turbulent aftermath of the recent Iranian elections, it's doubly important for Americans and others to have a grasp of some essential facts about the country --- whether historical, demographic, economic, or political.  Prof bug sought to sketch in those facts in a lengthy post at Economist's View, which is only the first of a promised follow-up analysis. 

Guffaws Galore

Note the kind of amusing crackpot invective left by one of the inveterate radical left-wingers, their heads so crammed with extravagantly radical beliefs that never get challenged --- well, except by a wayward poster like me now and then --- to the point that they have extended their apologetic defenses of Communist tyrannies to the theocratic Iranian dictatorship and its entrenched power-holders.   Other simpleton-ideologues will no doubt follow suit.

Click here for the thread and prof bug's comments.