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Friday, May 8, 2009


Today's Buggy Article

It's found at Economist's View, in a thread linked to in the last couple of buggy articles here . . . with the long buggy additional post there dealing with the problems of the homeless in the USA and EU.  The statistics might be surprising, though as prof bug notes the definitions of homeless vary a lot in the countries of the western half of the EU . . . the EU Council of Ministers and Commission never having agreed on a common definition.  That leaves the Eurostat --- the admirable statistical agency of the European Union --- fully dependent on occasional individual government statistical tracking, along with the use of divergent definitions. 

Click here for the latest prof bug post, which appeared at May 5th, 2009, at 1:50 PM.  There is a very short follow-up that appeared the next day not far below that.  Note that predictable responses from enraged left-wing zealots . . . prof bug himself, remember, a militant moderate who finds ideological claptrap of the right or the left fair game for intellectual probes, with his results always grounded in hard evidence.  And where the evidence is ambiguous or inadequate, he notes that . . . just as he has noted that he does not regard himself as infallible and will be happy to admit he's wrong and publish those admissions whenever they materialize. 

For instance, at Economist's View a couple of months ago, a fellow poster challenged prof bug's interpretation of a sentence in a source.  After he read her interpretation, he looked over the ambiguous paragraph in that source and quickly found her view more credible and thanked her publicly for the correction.  Professors aren't like the Pope when he's inspired by the spirit.  Hardly any will even participate in non-professional forums with others.  Don't want to be found shown up apparently by others.