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Monday, January 19, 2009


Today's Buggy Topic\

It involves two long comments posted by prof bug --- the 2nd one very long (full of quotes from a careful study of Keynes' personal prejudices about Jews, which never seemed to influence his behavior) --- and is really not worth all the huffing and puffing the topic entails . . . what with prof bug's extensive comments, drawing on that study by Anand Chandavarkar, that appeared at the Marginal Revolution yesterday.  So please first read the prof bug introductory comments and links to his posts there.

Why the Fuss? 

In particular, why go on at such length today at another first-rate economic web-site, Economist's View?  Seems downright silly, no?  Not to mention full of time-consuming donkey-work of a pedestrian sort.

Well, you see, the topic generated a lot of heat, and especially on the part of someone who posts about a dozen times a day at that site --- a half-hysterical compulsive who went ape at the very mention that her heroic idol, John Maynard Keynes, was a complex human being like most of us.  Apparently for Anne, who called Prof bug a liar several times --- oh, oh, Liar! Liar! Pants on Fire! --- her idolized humans are a combination of St. Francis, Mother Theresa, and Einstein-level intellect . . . nothing short of which can be remotely possible. 

And so, alas, prof bug had to respond to her challenge to show specific quotes from Keynes' life that documented his anti-Semitism or shut-up forever and be branded as the greatest falsifying fibber and con-man since the bygone days of P.T. Barnum --- the old circus guy who said that a sucker was born even second and was sent by Heaven to be fleeced.  Enter the problem.

You see again, the Chandavarkar appears in a scholarly journal that is gated: you either have to subscribe to the journal (really a weekly in this case) or access it through a library-subscription . . . exactly how the buggy prof downloaded it yesterday by an off-campus log-in to UCSB's library web-site.

Woe Is Me, The Bunco Buggy Fabricator!

Alas, poor prof bug had to spend a half hour or so quoting at length from the article in order that poor Anne and maybe one or two other loony-tunes' types stopped frothing at the mouth and be able to turn their minds to something else other than fantasies of slashing off prof bug's gonads and stuffing them down his throat, while he burned at the stake with the Grand Inquisitor and his or her pro-Anne groupies roasted marshmallows off his broiling flesh.

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