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Thursday, October 16, 2008


Today's 2nd Bugged-Out Topic

Faithful buggy regulars --- at least two or three of whom, world-wide, must reside outside padded cells in mental hospitals for the seriously disturbed --- might recall that back in late December, 2007, prof bug came back from a long self-imposed sabbatical leave and started up his posts here again with favorable comments about both Barak Obama and John McCain . . . the two candidates he hoped would gain their parties' presidential nomination.  By early summer, he committed himself to the Obama camp in the presidential race itself, and everything that has happened politically since then --- including the McCain selection of Sarah Palin for his veep (a brazen, swaggering ignoramus, who specializes in beauty-contest sound-bites and winks and, to boot, a penchant for lbursts of rabid clapper-clawing demagogy) --- has only solidifed his preferences for an Obama presidency.

A Buggy Challenge and Buggy Reply

At Carpe Diem, the data-driven libertarian web-site run by Prof. Mark Perry of the University of Michigan, prof bug was challenged by a regular poster there --- under the log-in name of QT --- to spell out in detail the reasons for his support for Obama.  Two lengthy prof bug commentaries then followed.  Note that the thread at Carpe Diem is pretty long, and prof bug posted a couple of earlier commentaries that were linked to a few days ago at this site . . . all relating to the well deserved ranking by the World Economic Forum of the US Economy as no. 1 in competitiveness.  It's a rank that the US has held every year except two or three since 1993.

The two relevant buggy posts are down toward the very bottom of that thread.  Click here for the stuff.