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Friday, October 10, 2008


Today's Buggy Topic

The answer is set out a length by prof bug, with lots of data, at Carpe Diem . . . the libertarian web site run by Prof. Mark Perry of the University of Michigan.  Prof. Perry's data-driven posts are always stimulating, whether you agree with them or not.  And when you don't, you know exactly why, and he has been very decent in allowing lots of critical rejoinders by prof. bug. 

Click here for the original Perry post that started the thread, and prof bug's rejoinder. 

An Added Pleasure

After prof bug posted the previous two paragraphs on the buggy site yesterday, one of the diehard libertarians logged onto the thread in question at Carpe Diem and left what "looked" like the most hilarious send-up the buggy guy has ever seen . . . looked, you understand, not read. That's because that libertarian zealot, someone called QT --- Cutie, get it? --- seems without a scintilla of humor and undoubtedly believed the rollicking hokum to the very core of his (her) being. 

QT's Claim?

JFK (John Kennedy) and Bill Clinton --- who had very good economic years in their presidencies --- were really covert Republican presidents in Democratic-drag.  Oppositely, the awful years of Richard Nixon and George W. Bush showed that they were really Democratic Trojan-Horses that whinnied their ways into the Republican citadel.

At which point, thanks to this marvelous Alice-in-Wonderland logic, the historical performance of the US economy under Republican and Democratic presidents since 1948 on 8 different criteria do a down-the-rabbit-hole flip-flop and voila! ...immediately, at the bottom of the tumble, the figures end up inverted in a superior Republican performance.


?What next, QT --- I mean, besides the universe now putting question marks at the start of English sentences.

 Well, let's see . . . I know! With a tad change in my DNA, I could easily become Albert Buggy-Einstein, and make even more startling scientific discoveries than the original 2nd-rater 20th century precursor.  And QT, with perhaps more change in his or her DNA, could become overnight Angelina Cutie-Jolie.  Following which changes, Albert-the-Buggy and Angelina the Cutie-Jolie would, by destiny, run into one another in a plush Beverley Hills Hotel, immediately feel uncontrollable urges in the right place, rush to the reception desk, then --- as fast the elevator could carry them to their penthouse suite --- make love that soon, again and again and again, sent the both of them soaring sexually on the emotional level into interstellar space . . . with Albert-the-Bugged-SexManiac carefully showing Angelina-the-Cutie-Jolie (to the 10th power) how to avoid falling, emotionally, into a black hole


Naturally, our star-studded night-in-the-heavens didn't just end the next morning.  Not on your life. 

We would continue to be lovers for decades . . . provided (the hitch you see) Angelina Cutie-Jolie could figure out a way to keep Brad-the-Pitt(s) from donning his Achilles-skirt and the rest of his Ancient World drag-stuff, then waiting in the shrubs at the mansion one night --- all O.J.-like --- and slashing my love and me to little pieces on his driveway after Albert-Buggy drove her home. 

Followed, needless to say, by the trial-of-the-century, in which Brad's lawyers get him off in court by claiming Cutie and Buggy would hurl anti-Ancient Greek slurs that way . . . the two of us, you see, reincarnated Trojan warriors who bore him a grudge or two.

The Moral?

Couldn't put it better than this dilly of a quote:

"To be ignorant of one's ignorance is the malady of the ignorant." --- Amos Bronson Alcott