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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Causes and Implications of Congress' (Initial) Rejection of the Treasury Bailout Bill

Today's Buggy Topic

As before --- no surprise, is it? --- prof bug has been commenting on the current financial mess . . . and more specifically, on the causes and political implications of yesterday's Congressionial vote against the amended Treasury bailout bill for our financial institutions.  As before, too, prof bug left his comments --- today's are three in number, two of them pretty lengthy --- at another web site: the Marginal Revolution, a libertarian web site run by a flexible libertarian economist, Tyler Cowen.  And, not coincidentally --- the reason for prof bug visiting it --- the most popular of all the economic sites on the Internet.

Click here for the thread, initiated by a post of Tyler Cowen, for the buggy comments and replies to other posters.  (Professor Cowen, it's only fair to add, has been quite nice --- as has his student, Professor Mark Perry of the University of Michigan (his site is Carpe Diem--- in letting prof bug comment at length.)