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Monday, August 25, 2008

The New Populist Upsurge (Continued): More Evidence in Opinion Surveys

Today's Subject Matter

In some lengthy buggy comments that were linked to yesterday --- those comments originally left at Professor Mark Perry's impressive data-driven economic posts at Carpe Diem --- prof bug analyzed the growing discontent with the direction of our country and above all the swelling worry and anxiousness about the US economy.  Today's buggy comments continue this analysis.  As before, they will be found at Carpe Diem, inspired by another one of Prof Perry's laudably empircal-data, charts, and links.

Click here for this extensive bugged-out update, which includes among other things some specific poll-data about the souring mood of the American public . . . with prof bug seeking to put this surge in disquietude in a probing theoretical and history-based perspective.  Keep in mind, please, that the buggy prof bangs out these long commentaries with bursting speed: no time for revision other than a quick check of the spelling.