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Friday, August 15, 2008

New Buggy Strategy for Posting

The New Strategy

Believe it or not, prof bug hasn't fallen off the face of the earth and ended up in some godforsaken limbo in outer space with no means of accessing the Internet, never mind the buggy site.  On the contrary, he's been busy posting at various other web sites . . . all economic ones, and mainly libertarian ones to boot . . . plus, as you'll see later on, from a left-wing blog two years or so afterward   (added October 2010).

Not that they have always welcomed his non-libertarian take on their posts --- among which disgruntled happened to be one called EconLog, run by two professors of economics at George Mason University.  Nothing wrong with their posts there.  The two profs are pretty bright . . . only, well to put it mildly, they're fairly narrowly specialized and it was easy for the buggy prof to bug them: meaning, more precisely, to show up the limits of their knowledge and theoretical arbiter dicta.   They obviously grew piqued.  Who could blame them?. 

Not that they banned prof bug from their web site directly.  No,no; that would contradict their libertarian values, right?  So they did it indirectly --- by the intermediary of their web manager, a fellow who insisted that prof bug not post any arguments longer than 500 words . . . a limit, alas, that hardly adds up to most of prof bug's wind-up prefatory comments. 

Buggy Purgatory

Eventually, horror of horrors, after a couple of more warnings, the buggy prof was banned.  The odd thing is, one of the two libertarian profs asked his web manager back in the spring of 2003 --- not long after the buggy site started up --- to link to it.  That's what the web manager duly informed prof bug.  Imagine his surprise. He's not a libertarian now, nor was one in 2003; but somehow one of his lengthy diagnoses of the Japanese economy's troubles inspired the libertarian prof's brainstorming desire for a link. 

Alas, the same web manager --- evidently, something of a helplessly chronic control-mutant --- insisted that he would link only if prof bug stopped the little video and Flight-of-the-Bumblebee music that erupts when you first enter the site.  Apparently it was undignified, something awful like that anyway  . . . or maybe just repellent because EconLog had the crummy sub-part look of a web site that had been designed by a junior high-school flunk-out who had learned his web-design --- no exaggeration, trust me --- in late-night back-alley chit-chats with other drop-out druggies and low IQ drunks.

No matter.  Ancient history, right? 

And who's the buggy prof to be nettled by back-stabbing libertarians and their bumbling lusterless web-manager? I mean, if you can't bug ideological zealots of the left or right, what's the point of being a needling agent-provocateur on the web?  And have some fun in the process, including --- if need be --- a little video and music-show to introduce his risqué provocations.

Fast-wind Now to 2008. 

Late last spring, prof bug found himself ostracized from the flunked-out flunky's post-at-your-risk-and-maybe-die-dreadfully freedom-loving web-site and had to shift to two other libertarian web sites --- both more hospitable, plus two other high-quality economic blogs of moderate Keynesian orientation in macroeconomic and, now and then, other sites too. 

Only . . . well, last week, prof bug's lengthy posts at one of those never got published in the relevant threads.  They weren't published, come to that, at all. 

When he wrote to the prof who runs it, an economist of high quality with an unusual range of cultural interests to boot, he said no, no, the buggy professor hadn't been banned  . . . just given a tryst in a cyberspace electric-chair because the length of his bugged-out posts were out of line with the stuff left by the other posters.  OK.  His right, his site.  But look . . . most of these others posters, as it turns out, write three or four sentences on an average, usually laudatory, some critical ---- but largely superficial from top to bottom.  And inspired, it seems, by ideological proclivities, little else . . . little meaning the absence of any hard-headed evidence, never mind knowledgeable analysis based on it. 

Apparently, sustained and savvy arguments that rely on logic and evidence are something of a thou-shalt-not taboo in certain places these days. 

Oh Well --- C'est la vie, n'est-ce pas?

Yep, no two ways about it . . . one dreadful set-back after another, each wrenchingly existential to its core. 

No matter.  Can't be helped.  And more to the point, prof bug hasn't been hustled off other sites (not yet anyway) . . . some run by free-market libertarians, others by moderate Keynesians, one or two financial specialists.  All of which leads to the new buggy strategy.  

You see, it's something of a pain to format buggy commentaries, what with their length and the use of sections, sub -sections, different colors, and the like.  And so, to save his sanity --- at any rate, into the near future --- he proposes to link to the lengthy posts that he will leave at other sites.  What you'll find in the links left here is the original post that the scholar or specialist in charge of the blog publishes to start each of their threads.  You will, of course, find frequently dozens of other posts --- usually short (very short) --- and you can read through them if you want or, if you prefer, just run a find-search for the name of the "buggy professor" in each linked thread. 

Sometimes, please observe, prof bug --- who writes with bursting speed --- will have posted three or four times; anyway, often more than once.  And he'll try to introduce the topics with some prefatory comments left here as well.

Hope you enjoy reading these linked posts, and more importantly, find them illuminating.


Update October 2010: Buggy Swatted and Thown Into Cyberspace, This Time by a Left-Wing Professor  

The web-site where prof bug was sprayed with noxious be-gone DDT and then dumped by his wings into a Black-Void trash in October 2010  is called Economist's View, a heave-ho expulsion, wouldn't you agree? that only goes to show that the buggy guy is exactly what he claims to be: a militant moderate who is destined to irritate left-wing and right-wing ideologues alike with his evidence-driven buzz-buzz that stings deep into their pulpit-pounding pieties.  

Well, no help for it.  When you get down to it, ideologues are predictably like that . . .  manically rigid and zealously self-righteous and so throughly hostile to all criticism . . . at any rate of the sort that hits home.  Sooner or later, usually at the first opportunity, gadfly types are bound to be resented and given the old buzz-off, you pest! treatment. 

The buggy take on the causes of his recent centrist-martyrdom at the hands of the malcontent master-whip of Economist's View can be found here.