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Friday, December 21, 2007

Prof Bug Sabbatical About To End


For the last few months, while prof bug's mood changes surged one way or another or just up and down, he kept intending to return to his bugged-out commentaries any day then. By late summer, it was clear the buggy prof was over-optimistic, and so he decided to extend his web site's unwilled leave of absence with a voluntary one . . . a kind of self-awarded sabbatical for the rest of the year. The year, of course, is drawing to an end, with 2008's start just ahead; and prof bug has already started gathering some materials for some new articles, and on a variety of subjects: the US economy, viewed in comparative perspective; the global status of American power and influence; the Middle East, and especially the problems of events in Iraq and in Iran; the status of the NATO alliance at a time when increasingly pro-American governments have come to power and replaced openly anti-American ones the last two or three years in Germany, France, Canada, and for that matter elsewhere as in South Korea this last week; some books worth reading or avoiding; and . . . well, the list is long and fairly ambitious.

As for the current political primary campaigns, prof bug hopes that on the Democratic side the winner will be Obama --- a fresh and hopeful presence on the American political landscape --- and John McCain on the Republican side, a man who early on (in 2003) urged far more US troops in Iraq as with the current surge that began last summer, condemend Guantanomo and water-boarding, and has been notable for his stand on campaign financial reform. In short, if these candidates came through the primaries as winners, we'd have a promising choice between a young energetic Senator on one side and an experienced middle-of-the-road Republican Senator of impressive integrity on the other side.

In the meantime, prof bug wishes everyone a very pleasant holiday season.



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