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Sunday, July 20, 2003


Thanks to J.F.'s kindness, the buggy prof has been left jumping up and down with crackling elation the last hour now that he has a nearly full-fledged list, saved as HTML files on his hard-drive, of all the articles published after April 18th this year on this site . . . but missing, you'll recall, ever since a hacker managed to shut down a downstream server at the start of July and keep us out of business for nearly two weeks. One by one, no more than a couple a day, these missing articles will be republished here with a "re-run" in the title, then archived under one of the categories that you'll find in the sidebar to the left here.

Prof bug is especially grateful because almost all the articles on the US and global economy --- its near-term prospects, with long-run implications --- that were being unfolded in a lengthy, fairly cohesive manner, one after another, throughout June are now back in his busy-bee hands. There were, as I recall, about 9 or 10 in all. J.F.'s own p.c. crashed for a few days in late June, the victim of a power-shutdown that lightning caused. (Is there no end to the woes of us poor Internet users?) You'll find the first two of these reprinted here.

One caveat: you'll see reformatted-versions at the end of these re-runs, which refer to the fact that they have to be reformatted again in HTML manner that the published version doesn't show, alas. For instance, the article just published below isn't fully reformatted. It takes time, and a "final reformat" will be tagged on when that's done.