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Wednesday, April 9, 2003


A joyous celebration in the streets of Baghdad and Basra and elsewhere in liberated Iraq that has been unfolding all day long --- the fall of the Saddamite fascist regime achieved in 22 days of spectacular military victory --- gives the lie to all those who were so vocally and angrily denouncing the US, the Bush administration, the President himself, and the politically courageous Tony Blair as late as yesterday. Bush and his administration were arrogant, over-confident, and naive in various degrees of idiocy; their military strategy was in shambles by the second week of the war, Rumsfeld himself the dunce of the decade; the Iraqis formidable nationalists, ready to die for either Saddam or out of national pride, to defeat the US and British aggressors, with the Arab street ready to explode against the new imperialist thrust, etc, etc.

As for Blair, he was smeared for over a year now as Bush's lap-poodle by the oily, canting, politically correct British media and chattering class, the BBC included, always ready apparently --- on the feeblest of pretexts --- to unpack their cumbersome baggage of ideological claptrap, left-wing pieties, and anti-American clichés and then parade and prattle on about them endlessly . . . oh, and as they prattle their snarled-out words, posture with their thrusting, in-your-face sense of moral superiority. Well, the upshot of today? Once more, these sanctimonious pulpit-pounders have been left looking like full-scale ideological twits; little else. Unable, it seems, to learn anything from their past failures and their kinetic whacked-out predictions, however jarred by events . . . even as they plunge headlong, eyes shut but mouths brazenly wide-open, to the next big cause to be barnstormed and marched against in raw indignation. The horrors of globalization. The evils of capitalism. The abominations of American life. The moronic mind of the Texan Toxin. The environment ready to melt down, a victim of all the former; the entire world itself, in their wrought-up platitudinous mind, plunging toward perdition unless they take control and restructure and regulate everything in sight. How silly and shallow their cocksure convictions, held with theocratic certainty. A useful term that, theocratic. In particular, lacking religious belief, alienated from their own societies, working out identity issues in public, they have turned their combination of resentments, envies, utopian hopes, and frustrations --- all decked out in post-modernist and multicultural rhetoric full of chiliastic fervor --- into a surrogate political religion.

None of this, of course, a British intellectual monopoly. Far from it, the whole nervy ideological shebang in line fully with their pulpit-pounding counterparts in the EU media and academia on the Continent, and of course here as well; their members always manically, compulsively eager --- bursting with cocky audacity --- to peddle their smelly little orthodoxies, a phrase Orwell once used about left-wing British apologists for Stalin and Communism and other tyrannies before WWII.

Then too there's the unctuous Axis of Saddamite Enablers --- starting with the egregious Jacques Chirac, Saddam's favorite apparently; the man who gave Saddam his first nuclear reactor, then followed five years later by a French export of 180 pounds of weapons-grade uranium (the cause of the Israeli pre-emptive attack on the reactor in 1980. See Winston S. Churchill. And the even more sanctimonious Gerhard Schroeder, if that's possible --- a recent convert to brisk and busy pacifism and the new German way in foreign policy; with, to boot, a nice payoff in the German elections last year and in recent public opinion polls even as the country struggles along, an economic has-been . . . the worst grower in the EU for a decade now. Not to mention the other long-term patron of the Saddamite fascists, the former KGB-head Vladimir Putin. The trio now even more discredited than before as they conclave and plot and seek to elbow and clapper-claw their way back into Iraqi oil and lucrative export markets --- and of course ensure that the IOUs run up by the fascist Saddamites are paid in full --- by issuing statements that ooze with pommade-laden rhetoric about the crucial role of the UN in Iraq. Funny. Don't recall Putin keen to have the UN intervene in Chechnya. Or Chirac in the French client states in Africa, where the French military has operated freely for decades, most recently in the Ivory Coast . . . leading to a big public backlash there. Or Schroeder worrying that there was and could be no UN approval for NATO going to war over Kosovo with the fascist-like Milosevik regime in Belgrade, even as he and Fischer, his Green Minister of Foreign Affairs sent German troops into battle for the first time since 1945. All three of the enablers --- who happen also to lead countries that are the biggest exporters for years to Saddamite Iraq --- now edgily eager to push their way back to the trough of Iraqi oil and export markets while waving their IOUs that the Saddamites signed, one after another, tens of billions of dollars worth, by lathering themselves in the soft-soap rhetoric of UN primacy.

Meanwhile, Britons, Australians, Americans, and the courageous leaders in the EU and East Europe and Japan who explicitly supported the anti-fascist war can take pride in the achievement that their militaries have brought about, even as they fought within the limits of the most carefully calibrated rules of engagement to spare civilian lives at a time when the Iraqi forces and thugs were hiding among the civilian population and seeking to maintain their rule of terror and fear. The struggle to free Iraq of full Saddamite control isn't over, of course: never mind the endeavors that will take years to develop a better government and economy, based on more pluralism, some form of loose confederation among Shiites, Sunnis, and Kurds, establish some form of rule-of-law in a region, the Middle East, where it doesn't exist, and draw on the initiative and skills of the Iraqi people to use their oil wealth for the betterment of their nation. Not an easy task.


Waiting in the Wings:

In the mean time, the struggle to deal with Islamo-fascist states producing WMD in the region --- Syria and Iran --- will continue, first and foremost diplomatically, with the two governments in Damascus and Teheran plus the Stalinists in North Korean, warned explicitly today by UnderSecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security, John Bolton, that they ought to begin reflecting on the lessons of the Iraqi war as it winds down.


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As I watch the ongoing turmoil,it seems that the one thing Iraq needs,more than anything else is a leader to explain to all Iraquis the simple fact that ALL Iriquis suffered at the hands of Saddam. Blood from every group, party, cause has stained the ground of Iraq and only the sweat, tears, and yes, more blood can cleanse it. That is the unifying call that should be spread--to Sunni and Shiite,Kurd,Arab and Assyrian. Even to a certain extent, some Ba'athists. Reminds me of a story I read,two people on the run from a quasi-milirary "company". One says to the other,"All we have in common is the horror of our lives." That about says it all in Iraq.

quote from Swamp Thing DC Comics Alan Moore ,writer

Posted by Gary O'Brien @ 04/13/2003 08:51 AM PST