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Monday, March 3, 2003

From Marc Grossman, Under-Secretary of State for Political Affairs --- the No. 3 Man at Our State Department

Marc Grossman, who graduated from UCSB with honors in the mid-1970s --- then went on to get an M.A. at the London School of Economics --- joined our Foreign Service and moved upward to ambassadorial status in record time. Now one of the key policymakers in the State Department, Marc is also used for particularly delicate negotiations --- such as when he was sent last fall several times to negotiate with President Putin about Iraq and win its support for UN Security Resolution 1441 calling for the immediate, total, and unconditional cooperation of Baghdad in disarming. There are several other former students of ours who are in the Foreign Service or intelligence agencies or in our military --- careers that others of you visiting this site might want to consider, along with other positions in the US civil service. (It will help to get some graduate training, though it's not essential.)

We are lucky to have such talented, dedicated, hard-toiling people in our civilian and military agencies, including our professional officer corps, several of whom hold Ph.D.'s.


How great to hear from you. We are doing our level best to get this right. Thanks also for the website. Great! You can see what I spend me day doing by looking at state.gov, then going to Bureaus and Offices, then to Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs. The section "from the Under Secretary" has all my testimony, statements, etc. Who would have believed all those years ago that you'd have sent the now number three person at the State Department on his way!!! I hope to see you soon here or there!